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Measuring the cost of going green

I would like to say I’ve read B-finance’s Investment Fees Survey published this month, but I have only read the reviews published by the financial press which , from their similarities, suggest they are rehearsals of a press release. The … Continue reading

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“Bovvered?” – do the private markets care about Rishi and Boris’s agenda?

The FT is reporting that the Private Equity markets are distinctly unimpressed by the opportunity to invest a portion of our workplace pension in its funds with scant regard to the charge cap which currently protects savers from egregious charges … Continue reading

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Workplace Pensioners cannot afford private equity’s current fee scales

The investment of our workplace pensions is quite literally “front page news” as Jo Cumbo is keen to point out. Scoop: Pension savers risk fee rises as Sunak seeks billions for ‘levelling up’ agenda. https://t.co/B4FpR0Vg5O — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) October … Continue reading

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If we change to Private Markets then Private Markets must change too!

For the average saver, news that their investment returns will increasingly be from the private markets is akin to telling car-drivers that they are moving from 4 star (remember that) to unleaded petrol. So long as the pumps are primed … Continue reading

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Where will Nest’s £1.5bn private investment go?

Nest wants to invest £1,500,000,000 into private markets, meaning just under 10% of our money will not be invested in public stock exchanges or debt markets but in companies that raise money other ways. Actually £1.5bn is not a lot … Continue reading

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Will our pensions reform private equity or become its victim?

Peter Harrison, Schroder’s CEO is making some important comments about investing in the stock market.  “Ultimately, we’ve got to grow the wealth of our customers. The move towards private assets is a reflection of the fact that that’s where the … Continue reading

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It’s time we tested the value we get for the charges we pay

If I had read the PLSA’s response to the DWP’s proposals to flex the pension charge cap, this time last year, I would have applauded it. I told the Pensions Minister to his (virtual) face that I saw no demand … Continue reading

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Illiquids in DC – now we are getting somewhere.

“We think this is a new bargain that can deliver better results for both pension savers and private equity managers,” @nestpensions – please make this happen! — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) April 5, 2021 Now we are getting somewhere. I’ve had … Continue reading

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A reluctant case for tinkering with the pension charge cap

General remarks about “tinkering” with the charge cap A good place to start one’s thinking on charges caps is by asking “what is being capped and why?”. Not all costs and charges are capped by the 2015 cap. Costs that … Continue reading

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God is on the side of the big batallions

  Many readers will have joined their first company with the promise of a “company pension”. If you can admit that was before the turn of the last century, that typically meant a promise of a wage for life in … Continue reading

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