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Opperman’s “mid-life” MOT re-purposed.

Amazing news that the 6 year campaign on #MidlifeMOT really taking off – the front page story in the @thetimes really very good news. Addressing wellbeing, as well as wealth and work, in middle age, the key to so much … Continue reading

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Update “Client slams Mercer after losing £600k value on pension pot” – Update

*Update* This article refers to the original version of an article in Money Marketing. This was updated on 17th/18th April and no longer contains the financial loss mentioned in this article. Thanks to Katey Pigden who came off maternity to … Continue reading

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“Might young people do well from CDC?” – Con Keating’s thinking on investments.

In a risk-obsessed world, Con Keating observes that it’s its absence of risk-management that could be CDC’s greatest boon to the young. The new member joining a collective DC scheme is contributing marginally to a collective fund. This fund is itself … Continue reading

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A sad year – when only Tories count.

I am going to the Conservative party conference, I am not going to the freak show in Liverpool and I don’t even know when the Liberals are convening. I have limited time on my hands to understand Government but I … Continue reading

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A tax on pensions, no one saw coming.

The single state pension , coming to a pensioner near you , from April 2016 is supposed to be simple. It will operate under the same rules for everyone. But that doesn’t mean that everyone will get the same pension (as … Continue reading

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When will we ever learn?

  There are no short-cuts in pensions, there are no silver bullets, easy answers, no lottery wins, no free alpha. There’s just a lot of hard saving backed up by good governance , cost control and sound investment strategy. Pete Seeger, … Continue reading

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