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Quick Poll: Are you seeing an increase in employees pausing contributions to workplace pensions?

My friends at CIPP are running a poll for their members because of lack of information about what staff are really doing on “opt-outs” and “pension pausing”. Interesting “quick poll” from @CIPP_UK https://t.co/bU7pg6t7kt Keen to see results @JosephineCumbo — Henry … Continue reading

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Helping people understand their pensions

Last night I spoke to a group of potential investors about AgeWage, they were mainly senior doctors. I thinkthey got it. I hope that you will understand our vision for more understanding of pensions. Here are the slides Here is … Continue reading

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GMP equalisation – accounting issues – First Actuarial – webinar invite!

First Actuarial are able to explain this GMP equalisation thing and the implications for pension (and company) accounting. Having done a webinar or two with “Sam and Jingoe”- I’d say this will be time well spent! Here’s your invite! Our … Continue reading

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Why #Accountex is so great!

Every year I feel compelled to write something quite uncritical and totally over the top about Accountex. This year is no different.   People know that the accountancy practices- and especially their payroll departments are the true heroes of auto-enrolment … Continue reading

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A suffocating man craves the foulest stench.

Such is the pressure on trustees and sponsors of our defined benefit schemes to appear solvent, that they welcome the transfer of their potential pensioners to “cash” as a suffocating man breathes fetid gas. It is within the capacity of … Continue reading

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Why I’m learning from Stephen Kelly

Business mentors are important. For some years I’ve looked at Martin Lewis as an example. I have exploited a gap in conviction based thought leadership in pensions to build this blog and help develop Pension PlayPen as a brand that … Continue reading

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Time for a clear out

Big decisions like BREXIT kelp declutter the mind. Some of the most powerful thought-pieces I have read from Nigel Wilson, Steve Kelly and other business leaders have been about the need to return our focus to the fundamentals , the … Continue reading

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50 shades of “Workie”.

Are all Workplace Pensions the same? Can we distinguish one “Workie” from another? Are all Workies equal – or are some Workies more equal than another? For those not familiar with the adverts- Workie is a Technicolor creature, designed by … Continue reading

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Choosing our “Workie”- how hard can we make it?

This week and for weeks to come , I am out and about talking with the payroll partners of large accountancy practices who feel they have no choice but to help their employer clients through auto-enrolment. I’m doing this work … Continue reading

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Tidings of great joy from the ICAEW

Auto-enrolment is a worry to accountants. Estimates are pretty consistent that around two thirds of all employers staging auto enrolment will look to accountants for compliance with auto-enrolment regulations and help with choosing and setting up a workplace pension. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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