Why #Accountex is so great!

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Mark Lee and me

Every year I feel compelled to write something quite uncritical and totally over the top about Accountex. This year is no different.


People know that the accountancy practices- and especially their payroll departments are the true heroes of auto-enrolment and can be the long-term winners from the shift in pensions provision to the workplace.

People trust their accountants who are less negligent, more honest and a lot more professional than other financial advisers.

What people don’t know is that accountants have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to do the right thing. So the sessions on offer to accountants yesterday were packed and the talk on the exhibition stands engaged and serious. This was not a piss-up, Accountex 17 was – as ever – well attended and its attendants well-engaged.

There’s something for pension people to think about.

I spoke at the end of the day when most people had gone home but still got a good attendance and great feedback. My slides are here for everyone!

A much missed enthusiasm.

The event brings together the professional speakers such as Mark Lee and the enthusiasts such as me! Mark and his peers are so far ahead of any pension speakers on our circuit , they are professional communicators and we are missing a trick not sitting at their feet. (note to Quietroom and other pension communication teams).

But the spirit of Accountex is with the audiences that move from one theatre to another eager for knowledge and enthusiastic in all that they do!  Again a lesson for pensions – satiety of supply has made us dull and blasé.

The after-party- held at the Novotel last night saw Exhibitors whooping it up over a few beers. There is a magnificent camaraderie between exhibitors, whatever there discipline. Thanks for the invite!

Accountex is still on today and if you have a couple of hours – jump on the DLR from Tower Gateway or take the Jubilee to Canning Town! Don’t forget to get off at Regents not Custom House and allow a few minutes for the walk back to the hall which is at the other end of Excel.

I look forward to renewing acquaintances, learning more and doing more business at the trade show that keeps giving!

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  1. Brian Gannon says:

    I find accountants and payroll advisers to be mainly enthusiastic and professional. However I would never be so rude as to imply other financial advisers are negligent, unenthusiastic and by implication less professional. Don’t tar modena IFAs with your old Eagle Star brush Henry, by all means feel free to demean yourself but not others.

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