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“That’s an interesting choice”

“That’s an interesting choice” is a statement that interests me a lot. It is an entirely satisfactory response to a test we have just started with the FCA in which we allow people to compare pension pots by way of … Continue reading

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Retail platforms – a boat worth missing?

I hadn’t realised until yesterday that the FCA has a SIPP and Platform team in the Retail Investment supervision department. For most of us , the idea that we are buying into a platform when we save into a pension … Continue reading

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Brexit sets our pensions free!

We are where we are; Brexit is changing things. Brexit is a disruptor of old certainties and a bringer of new opportunities. The pensions and savings industry has grown fat on the old certainties but is now being confronted by populist … Continue reading

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Thanks – it’s a delight to do business with you!

    It’s a real delight speaking to micro businesses about pensions. You might think a simple question like “which one do you think is best?” would become boring, now we’re closing in on 5000 employers who’ve asked us it. … Continue reading

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NEST is not auto-enrolment

  I went to a talk yesterday by a former shadow cabinet minister of state for the DWP. It was under Chatham House rules so I can’t tell you which one – it doesn’t matter which one – it matters … Continue reading

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Documenting why you chose your workplace pension

  The best thing about the Pensions Regulator’s Duties Checker is the process. Follow the five steps and you will be able to sign your declaration of compliance and that’s it- auto-enrolment sorted.   Well if only it was that … Continue reading

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Data should drive AE reform in 2017

We live at a time dominated by data. Never before has data been so readily available to policy makers. But with so much about, it’s the job of those at DWP and tPR to sort out what’s relevant and what’s … Continue reading

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Gain today- pain tomorrow; Ralph Frank on Freedom and Choice

    There is a remarkable consistency across each of the policy measures being enacted under the ‘freedom and choice’ banner.  The estimated impact of each measure on the Exchequer serves to accelerate the payment of income tax on the … Continue reading

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Pensions -No engagement without ownership!

  It is generally accepted that ownership implies accountability. Ownership is  the word we use in business to say we’ll take responsibility for the outcomes of an action; as in “I’ll own this one”. We’ve learned that unless someone owns a … Continue reading

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“PENTECH” slashes the cost of pension advice

Over the weekend I heard a mortgage broker talk about automated mortgage underwriting as “mortech” and as Investec grabbed the technology high ground some years ago, I’m going to lay claim to “PENTECH” for http://www.pensionplaypen.com. I’m proud that what was … Continue reading

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