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Who picks up the cost of consolidating member pots?

The key to answering the question is to establish the value chain; to my mind there are two immediate winners from transferring a member’s pot. The ceding employer (the scheme the member is leaving) The receiving scheme (the scheme the … Continue reading

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How can employers choose workplace pensions and promote Money Helper?

TPR and FCA’s call for input on  the pensions consumer journey goes a little off road in it’s eighth  section when it moves on to product decision making and specifically the choices employers make about the workplace pensions for their … Continue reading

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NEST needs you!

Interested in influencing how NEST works for members? News reaches me that the NEST Member Panel is recruiting and looking for hard working, conscientious , pension loving folk like us. You can apply for this position online up to and … Continue reading

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“You break it – you own it” (Mike Otsuka on “consequences” at USS)

Why employers must pay for the £2.4 bn rise in the USS deficit As USS makes clear, employers are collectively responsible for the increase in the deficit from £5.1 bn to £7.5 bn and the accompanying increase in deficit recovery contributions … Continue reading

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Paul Lewis; you are awful – but I like you!

I was shocked to read – as I scrolled though my digital FT this morning – Paul Lewis telling me “employers should pay more into pensions”.  He argues that “miserly contributions into defined contribution schemes are storing up trouble”. I … Continue reading

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Diversity – (my part in “his” downfall)!

If “lack of diversity” is the problem, I’m part of it! Like the eight panellists at the pension sessions of Sage Summit I was male, pale, grey and stale! Apologies (to our regulators Charles Counsell and Neil Esslemont, to Standard Life’s … Continue reading

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Avoid the ambulance chasers and choose your workplace pension wisely

In America the business of providing staff with a retirement benefits plan (known as 401k) is taken very seriously. Employers have fiduciary responsibility to the participants and to the plan. That means that if employers do not take due care … Continue reading

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It’s a lot harder than that – Mr Bee!

Pensions are hard – you cannot disrupt them into being easy I’ve been accused of not taking pensions seriously, Hugh Pym, then the BBC’s chief economics correspondent, smiled indulgently and reminded me that the BBC couldn’t mention an organisation called Pension PlayPen … Continue reading

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How IGCs help employers (and their advisers)

  If you read the terms of reference or Chair reports of the IGCs (and GAAs) , it’s the “member” on whom the work is focussed and for whom the reports are written. “Member” is short-hand for policy holder as in … Continue reading

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Five things I’d change to help employers with Auto-Enrolment

I spent yesterday with 62 employers , 1 of whom had staged auto-enrolment (a small employer in the June 2015 trial). As I listened to questions and talked with my friend at the Regulator who was co-speaker, I tried to … Continue reading

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