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£20bn unclaimed, millions out of DB and we don’t let people see the DC price tag!

Around about a year ago Steve Webb spoke at a First Actuarial internal event to our staff. It was fair to say he was a great success. At the end , Hilary Salt asked him what chance CDC, part of … Continue reading

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Pension savers being bamboozled again.

This blog is about the two page pension statement being curated to the pensions industry by Ruston Smith with the help of Quietroom. It is a simple document designed to be read, it is also designed to provide people with … Continue reading

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Don’t pander to pension populism! Zurich big-wig hits out at “freedoms”

“I have no time for populism” , was the astonishing rebuttal of top Zurich Insurance shrink Stefan Kroepfl. Kroepfl, who is global head of life business analysis – is no lightweight, nor was the discussion that ensued at this Dutch … Continue reading

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AgeWage – our journey (destination and timetable)

    AgeWage has laid out in its mission statement who it hopes to help and why. But we’d like to be specific about what we hope to do and when. This blog sets out our specific intentions.   We … Continue reading

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45 minutes from Gatwick – Holland seems a world away!

I’m living on a boat in  Amsterdam harbour for the next two days. I intend to chair the Eurovents Pension Summit at the Radisson Hotel when I’m on dry land. I did this last year and I swore then I’d … Continue reading

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AgeWage – a mission statement

AgeWage is on a mission. We want you to know about the money you’ve paid for retirement. This means knowing how much you’ve saved, how much your investments have grown and knowing what you’ve paid for that investment growth.   … Continue reading

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Pension Tax Reform is the “art of the possible”.

  Everyone knows that pension tax-relief is broken and those who try to cling on to the current system do out of vested self-interest (and I include one former pensions minister in that statement). Wealth managers have come to view … Continue reading

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Keating on Ralfe, CDC and morality

Last week’s Corporate Advisor’s Pensions Summit featured a debate on the merits of CDC pensions. Johan Ralfe presented the “case” against the introduction of CDC. In the main, with all the showmanship of Barnum and Bailey, this resurrected old and … Continue reading

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“Legacy” is a dirty word – AgeWage would ban it!

Not so long ago, well in the late nineties , I attended a series of meetings to ward off the impending threat of stakeholder pensions. The meetings were organised by Allied Dunbar and I attended as the “pinko” from Eagle … Continue reading

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Death by 10 million pots – how to solve the small pot crisis

  There are 10 million new savers into workplace pensions. If every saver changed jobs 10 time, that would mean 100 million new pension pots- unless some means of rationalising pot proliferation can be found. The DWP estimate that by … Continue reading

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