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Back to school with Jeremy. The budget – work and pensions.

The FT is seldom wrong about these things. What changes in pension taxation there will be , will be targeted. Hunt will  try to tackle the NHS staffing crisis by changing pension rules that are blamed for dissuading senior doctors … Continue reading

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An autumn statement for Britain – not the Tories.

  Today Jeremy Hunt will stand up and tell us his plan for getting Britain out of the shit, or at least for moving the shit around so that we all get some of the smelly stuff and it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Loosening the pension charge cap

This move will enable your #pension scheme to invest more widley to help ‘build back better’. The deal is you may pay higher charges with no guarantee of higher returns. https://t.co/dBkJoXhFsT — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) October 27, 2021 Plans to … Continue reading

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Was that “do-nothing” budget good or bad for pensions?

We are naturally conservative, resisting change while demanding improvements. We cannot have it both ways! Maintaining the status quo – as yesterday’s budget did, will please those who hate tinkering but displease those who see the current system as broken. … Continue reading

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Pre-budget apprehension

There is nothing like the threat of losing a tax-break to get people to value it. The Annual Allowance is under threat, so the Money Purchase Allowance, there are some still worried about higher rate tax-relief on contributions. In my … Continue reading

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Pension Tax Reform is the “art of the possible”.

  Everyone knows that pension tax-relief is broken and those who try to cling on to the current system do out of vested self-interest (and I include one former pensions minister in that statement). Wealth managers have come to view … Continue reading

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Why I’m for “patient capital”

‘Patient capital’ plan could unlock pensions savings limits https://t.co/Du4qIqcSs3 via @FT — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) November 24, 2017   I missed the consultation on “patient capital” but I’m pleased that it’s resulted in a proposal was put forward by an … Continue reading

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The half completed bridge – pension tax reform.

      Today is Budget Day, though you wouldn’t know it! It’s a kind of side-issue when mainstream news is dominated by Trump’s latest antics and speculation over BREXIT. There was a time when the Pension world would be … Continue reading

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Budget blues for Osborne – but not for payroll

This was a blue budget for George Osborne, one that promised much, and delivered little rather less than planned. Things started going wrong three weeks before Budget Day when the Treasury announced that it would not be pressing ahead with … Continue reading

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LISA – genius or gimmick?

There are binary opinions about the Lifetime ISA (LISA), for some it is start of a new era for retirement savings, for others it is a spurious gimmick. The technical facts behind the Chancellor’s announcement in the 2016 Budget are … Continue reading

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