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BONFIRE. Keating and Clacher conclude their articles on the DB funding code

We began this series of blogs and articles with a call for a bonfire of regulation; at the very least we should start with this proposed Funding Code. Continue reading

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Let’s stop blaming everybody else!

  Blame the Crossfit CEO, blame Sainsburys, blame Peter Shilton and blame Little Britain. The twitter hits of the day are consistently pointing fingers at others for the state we’re in. Thankfully we aren’t blamin Prince Philip who is 99 … Continue reading

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Have you got a hungry heart?

If you’re reading this before 1pm on Sunday May 3rd, there is time for you to click this link and here what remains of Hungry Heart’s Springsteen-athon. I’ve had my headphones on for just nearly 13 hours, taking me off … Continue reading

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Who will patrol the investment pathways?

  Investment pathways are the big idea to help those getting to 55 and with pension freedom in sight. From August, people will be presented with four paths for their money. One takes them to a point when they can … Continue reading

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Why I’m on FIRE! (saved enough to stop work)

      I’m 57 and I can choose to go to work or not – I’ve got enough and I keep on working because I love it, not because I have to. I got here through luck (being in … Continue reading

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And just what is it that you want to do?

This is the clip that was sampled for  Primal Scream’s Loaded “Just what is it that you want to do?” “We wanna be free. We wanna be free to do what we wanna do, and we wanna get loaded and have … Continue reading

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Pensions aren’t on the brink of anything!

I’m sorry to disappoint the headline writers at the BBC, but pensions are not about to change very much, are not in crisis and aren’t really worth the headlines they are getting. Those were the stunning findings of a group … Continue reading

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Who says hospitality’s dead? Cheltenham 2017 – last call!

The Pension Play Pen Linked in Group was set up in 2007 to be an alternative to corporate hospitality for those who either couldn’t or wouldn’t accept corporate invites. The ideas was then/ is now, that when people want to … Continue reading

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Can technology solve our savings problems?

We are putting too large a trust in technology to manage our pensions. The brave new world of Fintech may give us the pension dashboard, pot aggregation and robo-advised spending mechanisms, but are we ready for self-empowerment? In this article I … Continue reading

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A tale so sad I cried writing it down

    I had my Christmas lunch with Brian. Brian is homeless. He is 69. He will not use hostels or night-shelters as this would mean mixing with people who drink. He does not drink as his family was a … Continue reading

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