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“Oh Rose thou art sick”

  I don’t know Alison Rose , I know one of her former  (female) Board colleagues  I suspect that Rose’s resignation last night as  NatWest’s CEO will be met with frustration It is one thing to get women to a … Continue reading

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DC savers left in “backwaters fouled with complexity” – clean up hybrids now!

In my recent blog ” We can;t risk hybrid DC schemes being left behind.  I argued that many member’s benefits are being left in a backwater fouled by complexity. The DWP have chosen to treat small DC schemes that sit … Continue reading

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Little did we know… the Law Deb debate – a year late!

  On April 16th 2020, a few days into the first lockdown, Mark Ashworth announced the postponement of the 2020 event . The mail is a curiosity , a cameo of how phrases like “seeing you”, “in person” and “life … Continue reading

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How ESG should protect our national game

“Football should be built on community, not built on mutiny”. Nasser al-Khelaifi – President of Paris St Germain Protecting football from mutiny Fifteen years ago I spoke at an NAPF conference in Manchester , the morning after being smashed in … Continue reading

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Who will patrol the investment pathways?

  Investment pathways are the big idea to help those getting to 55 and with pension freedom in sight. From August, people will be presented with four paths for their money. One takes them to a point when they can … Continue reading

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The right (and wrong) types of pension scheme consolidation

Our vision for the future of occupational pensions is one where all savers are in schemes that have excellent standards of governance that deliver good value. Over time we think this will mean having fewer, but better governed schemes in … Continue reading

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What does SJP “sacking” Woodford mean?

“HL removed Woodford from its Wealth 50 but did not force sell the funds as SJP has.” But this shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how SJP (costly restricted funds) and HL (costly self-select platform) work! https://t.co/6eQoSKNK0T — Alistair Cunningham (@Cunningham_UK) … Continue reading

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Con Keating questions the value of “limited liability”.

It’s been a while since this blog has featured Con’s incisive thinking. This article calls into question the capacity of shareholders to have their returns and have someone eat the risk. There’s a lot of easy talk about the “governance” … Continue reading

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Five things that surprised me at the LawDeb Debate

And the results are in at the #LawDebDebate. An indicative vote versus the final result show a dramatic swing following the speakers taking to the stage pic.twitter.com/1EK1uxs9s6 — Law Debenture (@law_debenture) 20 May 2019   I didn’t go to my … Continue reading

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“In an advised world – do workplace pensions need trustees”.

The quote is taken from a recent interview of Steve Webb of Royal London. It is a critical question which deserves an answer. The Workplace Pension Governance landscape (is changing) Something very odd is happening in DC Governance, something that … Continue reading

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