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We can live with losing, can we cope with winning?

As I woke up this morning, my dream was still with me, we had beaten the Italians and were European Champions. I fully expect that dream to be realised and that I will return to my bed in a state … Continue reading

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Has politics saved football?

For decades we have heard footballing pundits moan about the politicization of football, it’s worth posting this paragraph of an excellent BBC article on the European Super League. The government’s promise this week to legislate, effectively in order to grant … Continue reading

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Football united

Absolutely disgusted @LFC !! Most of these English clubs, have been built by the working class and their local community, and now their ownership are selling their soul to a money grabbing Super League. A absolute disgrace to football. #NoToSuperLeague … Continue reading

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The terror of league tables

  Unless you are top of the league (and having a laugh), looking at a league table with you or your team in it, can be a scary team. Friday afternoon is when First Actuarial publish their Monkey League and … Continue reading

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Making pensions as important as football

  I have received a nice email from the Pensions Minister , some of which can be shared. It would be easy for Guy Opperman, days after getting Royal Assent to the Pension Schemes Act, to sit back.  Instead  I … Continue reading

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Bury , Bolton – Bournemouth??!

It wasn’t very long ago that I used to watch Bournemouth and I through loose change into buckets outside Dean Court when it looked as if the club might lose league status. Now AFC Bournemouth is a Premier League success … Continue reading

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Pensions before politics!

  It must be odd to hear your job is up for grabs in six weeks time. Even with a 10,000 majority, Richard Harrington MP – our Pensions Minister –  must have been a little flustered by the announcement from … Continue reading

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Allardyce- a fan’s eye’s view.

“Money corrupts and wads corrupt absolutely” – anonymous football fan – last night.   I heard about Sam Allardyce’s departure from the England Manager’s job while watching Cambridge United beat Yeovil Town in a Tuesday night league 2 fixture at … Continue reading

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Leicester City – a parable

champione***champione*** champione***champione***champione   The whole nation knows the value of winning the Premier League to Leicester City. The value of Leicester winning it is greatest just before it’s won. This blog was published the morning of the day when Leicester became Premier … Continue reading

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Those red red robins go rob-rob-robbing along

Swindon Town (STFC) – the Robins – are now to be called the Robings after attempting  to rob their own staff of pension contributions. Swindon Town Football Club made good £13,600 in pension contributions it owed staff nearly 15 months after it … Continue reading

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