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Making pensions as important as football

  I have received a nice email from the Pensions Minister , some of which can be shared. It would be easy for Guy Opperman, days after getting Royal Assent to the Pension Schemes Act, to sit back.  Instead  I … Continue reading

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Bury , Bolton – Bournemouth??!

It wasn’t very long ago that I used to watch Bournemouth and I through loose change into buckets outside Dean Court when it looked as if the club might lose league status. Now AFC Bournemouth is a Premier League success … Continue reading

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Pensions before politics!

  It must be odd to hear your job is up for grabs in six weeks time. Even with a 10,000 majority, Richard Harrington MP – our Pensions Minister –  must have been a little flustered by the announcement from … Continue reading

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Allardyce- a fan’s eye’s view.

“Money corrupts and wads corrupt absolutely” – anonymous football fan – last night.   I heard about Sam Allardyce’s departure from the England Manager’s job while watching Cambridge United beat Yeovil Town in a Tuesday night league 2 fixture at … Continue reading

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Leicester City – a parable

champione***champione*** champione***champione***champione   The whole nation knows the value of winning the Premier League to Leicester City. The value of Leicester winning it is greatest just before it’s won. This blog was published the morning of the day when Leicester became Premier … Continue reading

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Those red red robins go rob-rob-robbing along

Swindon Town (STFC) – the Robins – are now to be called the Robings after attempting  to rob their own staff of pension contributions. Swindon Town Football Club made good £13,600 in pension contributions it owed staff nearly 15 months after it … Continue reading

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Dele makes me proud to be English!

  What better way to celebrate being English than through the performance of our three major national teams. Over the past ten days, I have watched English sides win the Grand Slam at the six nations rugby, qualify for the … Continue reading

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Yeovil Town – relight my fire!

In my 13 years with my partner Stella, I cannot remember being quite so much in love as I was  yesterday. She will not thank me for saying it, but her decision to accompany me on a cold and windy … Continue reading

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Say it quietly but Yeovil were quite good today #ytfc

  I know that people are going on about Leicester, Man U and Chelsea. But far more importantly, I’ve found something nice to say about Yeovil – they played bloody well against Leyton Orient this afternoon and – but for … Continue reading

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What do England rugby fans do now?

  Simple answer – switch to supporting our national game! If Wayne Rooney had been born in Eire he’d have been the Irish #10 , competing with Dave Sexton, because that’s what the finest sportsmen in Ireland and NewZealand and … Continue reading

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