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Scheme liabilities- Rest in Peace

The old adage that if the Equitable Life was a pension scheme it would still be trading today can be reversed. If most pension schemes were regulated as life insurance companies are today they would not be in business. Which is why we must be very worried indeed about threats to the buy-out market and very worried for our DC members about the impact on the cost of annuity purchase. Continue reading

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Salvaging the sinking boat

A new study published by Spence Johnson has drawn on insight from 46 industry thought leaders to predict futures of the Fiduciary Management model. More here:

Many of the participants’ future projections included the view that a unbundled Fiduciary Solution would grow in popularity, allowing schemes to outsource certain tasks i.e. LDI, while retaining in-house duties they felt more confident in performing.
This article addresses the question of whether LDI strategies are best employed as part of an “integrated solution” or “unbundled Fiduciary Management”?
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Post not that ye be not judged

“Relying” on on-line profiles is a problem that needs attention from us all, not just those in Government. Continue reading

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The Ilford ruling-who won?

The Ilford ruling will require trustees to concentrate on sound investment strategies and stop the practice of securing tip-top pensions at the expense of Joe the tax-payer. It will require companies to pay more attention to the risk management of their pensions rather than relying on a Government lifeboat.

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Social media and the corporate dilemma

As corporates catch up with the activities of their staff, there will be pain and frustration on both sides. Toys will be thrown..there will be blood! You need to be aware of the corporate dilemma and help manage the process of employer buy-in if you are not to become a casualty.
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And then I woke up….

As the ferry went down, passengers jumped like lemmings into the sea. We had another meeting and concluded that we would sue the men in suits before following the passengers. The last thing I remember was being hauled from the water by a man with a peaked cap, I remember around the rim the words “HMRC PPF”.
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