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Can these insurers become useful to pension savers again?

    Time was when people regarded a pension as an insurance against getting old, right now insurers compete with master trusts and SIPPs for the nation’s retirement saving and the staple features that made them indispensable seem increasingly irrelevant. … Continue reading

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Are you fearful that your savings will run out before you do?

In Australia, people at retirement have DC pots, there is very little DB and the state pension is means tested. How you draw your DC pot down determines your income in retirement for most Aussie savers. We aren’t there yet, … Continue reading

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It is time to take annuities seriously again – Billy Burrows

  Annuities have always been a serious business* but since the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015 most retirees (and advisers) have not taken annuities seriously and many invested in pension drawdown rather than purchase an annuity. Annuities have been … Continue reading

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For millions, “the partner dies- the annuity dies”- pension credit comforts the bereaved

It’s easy to forget in a world of “pension freedom” that millions of British savers purchased annuities with their pension pots in the 40 years prior to the day George Osborne announced “no one will ever have to buy an … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen Coffee Morning – Annuities are pants!!….or are they?

Type Online  – join via http://www.pensionplaypen.com (evens) When April 26, 2022 10:30 Coffee Morning Event – Annuities are pants!…or are they? At this event we will be discussing how annuities have fallen out of favour in recent times but perhaps … Continue reading

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Billy Burrows – the annuity case

About Annuities Hopefully, you will know what an annuity is? It is a policy which converts a capital lump sum (e.g. your pension pot) into guaranteed regular (monthly) income payments. If you would like to know more about annuities, please … Continue reading

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Prudential’s seal-clubbers still at large

Back in 2011 I wrote about seal culling. Seal culling;- the practice among financial institutions of providing sub-standard products to existing customers rather than treating them fairly and ensuring they are made properly aware of alternatives. Have you been culled? To answer that question … Continue reading

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Heard the one about the Englishman, the Australian and the American?

If you are a fan of such jokes, read no further – the Social Market Foundation’s  (SMF) study “Golden Years? What freedom and choice will mean for UK pensioners“, contains all three characters (unsexed), but there the joking ends. This is … Continue reading

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What AE’s doing to pension saving – guest blog from Richard White

Richard White works for Portal Financial a Rochester based IFA who are producing some really interesting stuff on pensions. This is Richard’s first blog for us and I hope we’ll be able to feature more! Research highlighted in our blog post … Continue reading

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Don’t you -forget about DB – guest blog from the TUC

This blog is written by Tim Sharp of the  TUC, thanks to Hilary Salt for pointing it out and for Tim and the TUC for allowing us to republish it! It is easy to overlook defined benefit (DB) pension schemes … Continue reading

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