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Pensions aren’t on the brink of anything!

I’m sorry to disappoint the headline writers at the BBC, but pensions are not about to change very much, are not in crisis and aren’t really worth the headlines they are getting. Those were the stunning findings of a group … Continue reading

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What does it mean – being connected?

By some measures I am well connected. By the strictly quantitative measure of linked in first degree connections IĀ could be seen as a well-connected man. But I can assure you that internet connections give false security. Whether you have 50 … Continue reading

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What’s this Mallowstreet thing?

If you are in any way connected to pensions, even if you know nothing of me then please read through this and if you like what you here, contact me on henry.h.tapper@googlemail.com and I’ll be happy to help you if you’d like to know more. Continue reading

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