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You can be over-connected

You cannot be too-well connected, but you can be over-connected – if you’re on Linked in. Last night someone became my 30,000th connection and I cannot now receive new connections without kicking someone out (one in – one out). The … Continue reading

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This may be the last week I can grow my linked in connections.

I currently have over29,900 linked in connections , 28,500 of whom follow me. I have recently been getting messages from Linked in reminding me LinkedIn members can have up to 30,000 1st-degree connections. To ensure an optimal experience on LinkedIn, … Continue reading

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How linkedin is winning eyeballs

  Linked in is the least sexy social media platform ever, but it has 750m + members which is more than one in ten people on the planet and in developed countries, especially those for whom English is the lingua … Continue reading

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TPR needs to look above and abroad to stop pension fraud

The Pensions Regulator is rolling out another iteration of Project Bloom, now known as the “Pension Scams Action Group” which is certainly a better name. We’re told that the new scam-fighting plan from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) aims to protect … Continue reading

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How Linked in saved you from my being hacked

Yesterday at 12.41 I got a mail from linked in telling me that an email address had been added to my Linked in account. At 12.46 I tried to remove the mail but I had already been locked out of … Continue reading

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How well does Linked in’s fraud protection work?

Grant Eldred is the Chief People Officer of the world’s largest law firm – Clifford Chance. I worked with him at the start of his career, he is one of the most professional people I have ever met. Do you … Continue reading

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AgeWage group hits 10,000 members

Marian Elliott and I had the idea of a linked in group for pension professionals in October 2009. Over the next decade it has grown from a playground where people could meet and do things off their own back to … Continue reading

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How Facebook works for pensions.

Most people know I use social media a lot – it serves me well and I’m keen to help people less familiar with it, to spend their time profitably. Two years ago I was saying, spend time on Linked in … Continue reading

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Can pensions be more playful (please)!

  I’ve waded through a number of IGC chairĀ reports this Easter weekend and a smile has seldomĀ  been on my lips. With the exception of the Virgin Money report, I hardly felt I knew who I was talking to. Ironically, … Continue reading

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Pensions Resurgent! The merit of the CWU’s proposals to the Royal Mail

For the third day I am returning to the CWU’s proposals to the Royal Mail which I now consider the most important break through in pension scheme design we have seen in Britain this century. I base this on three … Continue reading

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