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How well does Linked in’s fraud protection work?

Grant Eldred is the Chief People Officer of the world’s largest law firm – Clifford Chance. I worked with him at the start of his career, he is one of the most professional people I have ever met. Do you … Continue reading

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AgeWage group hits 10,000 members

Marian Elliott and I had the idea of a linked in group for pension professionals in October 2009. Over the next decade it has grown from a playground where people could meet and do things off their own back to … Continue reading

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How Facebook works for pensions.

Most people know I use social media a lot – it serves me well and I’m keen to help people less familiar with it, to spend their time profitably. Two years ago I was saying, spend time on Linked in … Continue reading

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Can pensions be more playful (please)!

  I’ve waded through a number of IGC chair reports this Easter weekend and a smile has seldom  been on my lips. With the exception of the Virgin Money report, I hardly felt I knew who I was talking to. Ironically, … Continue reading

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Pensions Resurgent! The merit of the CWU’s proposals to the Royal Mail

For the third day I am returning to the CWU’s proposals to the Royal Mail which I now consider the most important break through in pension scheme design we have seen in Britain this century. I base this on three … Continue reading

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What rights do banking customers still have?

I received a letter out of the blue from Scott Miller, Head of Customer Services at Barclays. It’s a pro-forma and it included a new credit card, if it hadn’t, I’d have not read it. Not so great I thought, … Continue reading

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The Pensions Dashboard (and consumer demand)

  “I didn’t know I wanted this, till I came here – I do now! This was the feedback from one tester of a dummy pension dashboard , as reported in an excellent presentation by Barclays’ Clive Grinyer at a … Continue reading

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The (currently) sad state of Linked in Groups

Have you noticed how much harder it has become to find and use your linked in group? I run a number of groups, the biggest of which is the Pension Play Pen with over 7000 members. We have enjoyed steady growth … Continue reading

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Linked In’s no website for old men!

Yeats wrote that Byzantium was no country for old men. He was right, according to the Daily Express, we are all on linked in leering at young girl’s profiles. It looks like the poem should get re-written for young women … Continue reading

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What does it mean – being connected?

By some measures I am well connected. By the strictly quantitative measure of linked in first degree connections I could be seen as a well-connected man. But I can assure you that internet connections give false security. Whether you have 50 … Continue reading

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