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Would our Government bail out the depositors of a badly run bank?

Behind the phrase “moral hazard” which is being heavily used in relation to the Fed and SVB, is the question posed by the title of this blog. Full on capitalism allows poorly run banks to fail and tells depositors it … Continue reading

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Reintroducing pensions to the USA

The American Department of Labor is demanding that regulated sponsors of their workplace pensions convert participants’ account balances into an estimated monthly income stream at retirement. This follows primary regulation in Congress last year know as the SECURE Act Using … Continue reading

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Investing can now be “free” – here’s how.

I was sitting in a room of a leading asset manager yesterday listening to the yada yada. I’d needlessly put myself under a non-disclosure agreement but it was clear that there was no real news, so I thought I’d mention … Continue reading

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Is the USA the model to recover our DB deficits?

This article was published on October3.com and reports how American pension finances are recovering through perseverance in growth assets and from an uptick in interest rate projections. Just how relevant it is for the UK- I’ll leave for you to … Continue reading

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OOPS – We did it again!

For the second time in a few months I awoke to an election result that shocked and scared me. America has voted for change, just as Britain voted for change (ironically the one election that didn’t bring change was the … Continue reading

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Someone Is Spending Your Pension Money – (Guest blog from John Matlin)

I am grateful to my friend Per Andelius for this epic statement of the way things are in the USA. Much of it makes for unhappy reading as the central issue – outlined in the opening paragraphs – seems to … Continue reading

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The view from the other side of the pond.

It’s been glorious in New York. Here’s Andy Walker (Pension PlayPen’s genius designer) and me, enjoying a craft beer above the high line (note the Empire State building behind us!) I wouldn’t like anyone to think that drinking beer was all … Continue reading

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The land of the (pension) free

  As I cleared immigration this morning, the chap charged with checking my travel authorisation asked me.. “so how are we doing over here?” I looked blankly.. “it says here you’re a pension consultant – how we doing?” To the … Continue reading

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Defined Ambition – the way to properly sort UK pensions

Defined  ambition is no more or less than  this; it is  a way of turning round systemic problems with our pensions. For DB it is about salvaging something from the wreckage created by the unfettered growth in guaranteed benefits that … Continue reading

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Define your aspiration.

Last week, the brotherhood  of DB and DC pensions got a little sister when Steve Webb introduced the prospect of DA to the family. There is nothing new about the search for a third way, indeed it is the pensions equivalent of the … Continue reading

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