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Reintroducing pensions to the USA

The American Department of Labor is demanding that regulated sponsors of their workplace pensions convert participants’ account balances into an estimated monthly income stream at retirement. This follows primary regulation in Congress last year know as the SECURE Act Using … Continue reading

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“Mind the lag”; what we can learn from the States

In America they said the virus was beaten, and the virus wasn’t beaten This alarming chart illustrates the poor job the U.S. has done in containing Covid-19 compared to the European Union, a bigger region of independent countries that suffered … Continue reading

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An Apple a day, 700 reasons not to stay!

General angst, everywhere but here! There are a lot of people getting very angry about the EU’s determination that Apple should be paying Euro 13bn in tax to the Irish Government. Apple aren’t happy at the prospect of corporate profits … Continue reading

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The PPF – our great escape!

We get used to talking about the failure of the private sector to deliver proper pension outcomes. We are incensed by the shortcomings in governance that has allowed well funded local government schemes to feed the City’s insatiable need for … Continue reading

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The Pension Industry cannot serve two masters

Pensions are at a crossroads. For 30 years they have been travelling in the direction of the financial services and we could continue that direction of travel. We could turn left and go Dutch or turn right and adopt the American … Continue reading

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Second mover advantage – UK can trump US 401(k)

    Here’s an analysis of what’s going on in yankee-doodle-land, especially with their workplace pensions. Once again I’m grateful to Per Andalus for the prompt Commentators often point to the US 401K and IRA markets as models for the UK … Continue reading

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