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Pensions – “in chaos – need to unite” -sound familiar?

What do George Osborne and Donald Trump have in common? DISRUPTION – that’s what. Disruption happens when a system has fallen into a state where it is no longer functioning for the people it serves. It would seem that the … Continue reading

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Biden – reasons to be cheerful 1-2-3.

I haven’t commented on the American presidential poll as information and misinformation have been so generally available. What I have posted are the odds surrounding the relative chances of the two candidates, the result has not been in doubt for … Continue reading

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On the first day of lockdown, my partner said to me…

Biden is going to win the US presidency and he’s going to win the popular vote by a landslide. All this talk of Trump’s is just talk. The markets know, the papers and the BBC are just stringing out the … Continue reading

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