Biden – reasons to be cheerful 1-2-3.

I haven’t commented on the American presidential poll as information and misinformation have been so generally available. What I have posted are the odds surrounding the relative chances of the two candidates, the result has not been in doubt for some time and talk of “knife edges” has been “fake news”.

My business interests are in retirement and in particular what is going on, on our side of the pond. Britain , and the kind of politicians I respect, seem happy to embrace Joe Biden in a way they did not embrace Donald Trump.

So what can we expect from Biden on retirement policy? Jo Cumbo produced three tweets in the wake of the announcement of his success in the poll to be president.

Reasons to be cheerful (1)

It is a surprise that in four years , the Trump administration had not done more in this space and a relief that American’s divided society will not be divided further by impending cuts.

Reasons to be cheerful (2)

I like the concept of “putting customers first”. It is simpler to understand and easier to understand than our version. Transparency the world over , is better for strong regulation on the conduct of advisers. Damage averted is still to be welcomed as a kind of “negative capability”.

Reasons to be cheerful (3)

Let’s hope that Joe Biden has more success adjusting incentives to reward all equally than we have had in the UK. This precedent would be a good one for Britain to follow.


As this article attests, Biden has a reputation for getting things done , not through bluster but through the skilled use of consensual politics. His win is a good thing for the world and as our Pension Minister points out – for the UK.


Joe Biden


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  1. John Mather says:

    It is interesting that republicans stayed loyal down the ticket and rejected the Trump style. If Boris doesn’t deliver the “oven ready” EU deal then his days are numbered. The UK needs productivity to be able to afford the social objectives including decent pensions. What are the book makers saying about the EU transition odds?

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