Biden has this in the bag



Bookies are seldom wrong , especially when they are betting against each other. If you happen to be reading this at around 4pm on Wednesday 4th November, you can go on Betfair and find this.

If you are not familiar with spread betting, the blue box tells you that if you invested £1000 on the chance of Joe Biden being the next US president, you would get £1,210 back if he did; by contrast , Donald Trump would return £5,600. Put another way, Biden is around five times as likely to win as the incumbent.

Bookies are seldom wrong and in this case, the x factor are all those unopened US post bags full, it is expected with democrat votes.

If anyone wishes to wager with me that Trump will win , I would be happy to take your money.






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  1. charlie palmer says:

    sure, i’ll wager £50

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