On the first day of lockdown, my partner said to me…

  1. Biden is going to win the US presidency and he’s going to win the popular vote by a landslide. All this talk of Trump’s is just talk. The markets know, the papers and the BBC are just stringing out the story
  2. Gyms are closed so I went running down to Houses of Parliament over Westminster Bridge (doffed hat to Wordsworth) and back over Blackfriars Bridge – 40 minutes – preferred the pool but amazing how many people are coming into the City at 7am -mostly construction
  3. Home to have a contest for the shower, this did not happen when I was using the gym, first potential lockdown flashpoint, I ate my breakfast in a muck sweat.
  4. Partner is allowed to work in her office because she is a key-worker. Basically she opens the post for the Lloyds Bank Pensions Department
  5. Tonight is a double header of Zooms, with Andy Agethangelou’s TTF doing a “how do we save pensions?” session with me doing a stint at 7.15 on how you work out if you’re getting value for money (highly recommended)  Pensions; the problems and the possibilities  It’s on Zoom from 6pm to 8pm UK time. email alex.zitkus@transparencytaskforce.org if you are bored with the one show.
  6. The other of the double header is a zoom on whether pensions will ever catch up with technology with the tremendous Goergina Stewart of Tumelo and the equally tremendous Sam Seaton of MoneyHub. You’ll have to join the Pensions Network to join (well worth doing).www.the-net-work-meetings.com
  7. Big day for pensions in parliament today. Good luck to Guy Opperman and Stephen Timms – may open pensions prevail (both in terms of accrual and technology)

As we are only doing this lockdown for 28 days, I will try to keep this little blog-chain going.  It will keep me honest (I hope). No booze, no fags and no fun!

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2 Responses to On the first day of lockdown, my partner said to me…

  1. Nice to “see” you on the DG Publishing virtuals these past two days, Henry.

    I noticed you preferred conventional betting odds for Biden (two-to-one on, three-to-one on, etc.) while I prefer the percentages shown on the spread betting sites.

    Sorry I missed your Tuesday session on dashboards as I’d foolishly stuck with the other (DB) stream and gone for insourcing, outsourcing or collaboration, which wasn’t so great.

    Enjoy your sessions today. I’m afraid TTF’s new pricing model, at £480 for individuals like me, has seen me breaking from that particular circuit. The later hours didn’t suit either. Not The One Show, but family meals and time to exchange chat with family members after spending the day apart in separate rooms or other activities.

  2. Eugen N says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    I cannot do Zoom after 6pm, so I am not joining! 😊

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