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Wear a poppy and do yourself a favour

Keeping standards in the days of Zoom pic.twitter.com/0xtBJKLsvC — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) October 30, 2020 This year, the sales of poppies will be down, which is bad for the Royal British Legion but I suspect also bad for national morale. … Continue reading

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Can Government put social freedom back in the bottle?

LATEST: All social gatherings of more than 6 people will be banned in England under new Covid-19 limits to be announced tomorrow by PM Boris Johnson. The police will have new powers to disperse and fine any group larger than … Continue reading

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Lock down or look up?

I recently published a blog suggesting that the approach Sweden has taken to managing the pandemic delivers a start warning to Britain.  Today I publish comment on the blog from two people whose views I value. Both see Sweden’s response … Continue reading

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Is there wisdom in this crowd?

This picture was taken in a time of lockdown (May 31st). It was taken at a time when the Government advice is still to stay at home where possible. It is taken in a country that has more than 60,000 … Continue reading

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Pensions coming out of lockdown!

Let’s put the past behind us I’ve just published a blog where I criticise Pension Age, CACEIS and DC fiduciaries for not telling it straight on what we are paying for pensions and whether we’re getting value for this money. … Continue reading

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How are we reacting to the lockdown? Kings’ Policy Institute has the answer.

Kings College’s Policy institute are interested in social trends . They have asked Ipsos-Mori to do some interesting research on how people are reacting to the UK Government’s lockdown policy. Here are the highlights, there is a lot more detail … Continue reading

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Lockdown – is the cure worse than the illness? These actuaries think not.

  We have reviewed the paper “J-value assessment of how best to combat Covid-19” by Philip Thomas, Professor of Risk Management in the Faculty of Engineering at Bristol University. Summary of key aspects of the paper This paper was given … Continue reading

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