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5 ways to stay happy on a lockdown Saturday morning!

I have good reason to feel sorry for myself this morning, but I am not sorry for myself – I am in an extremely good news for the following five reasons I am listening to Aggers and Tuffers on test … Continue reading

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The rocket-fuel for recovery is love

  In the pursuit of happiness (a principal theme of this blog), I am sometimes having to focus on “distress”. Now is such a time. There is a fine line between alleviating distress and profiting from it. We all know … Continue reading

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Selling happiness by the pound

    If I was Damian Stancombe, I wouldn’t be talking to me. Damian is a partner at a firm called Barnett Waddingham and I’m forever having a go at his firm. But he’s a tolerant fellow and we still … Continue reading

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Yeovil Town – relight my fire!

In my 13 years with my partner Stella, I cannot remember being quite so much in love as I was  yesterday. She will not thank me for saying it, but her decision to accompany me on a cold and windy … Continue reading

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My missus!

  My missus’ called Stella and, it being St Valentine’s day, I thought I’d say something about her. We met, nearly 15 years ago, in Ronnie Scotts in Birmingham, she had just become Pension Director at BT, something I found … Continue reading

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