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My moneyed valentine!

The cards sit on the kitchen worktop, one to another- ludicrously anonymised and accompanied by chocolates on both sides. We have insured ourselves against each other’s opprobrium. We could have gone further in de-risking a potentially bloody valentine I suspect … Continue reading

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The use and abuse of pension’s “tax-free cash”.

  If you were to create a word-cloud of associations people make with pensions, I bet “tax-free cash” would feature prominently. I tried to google such a word-cloud but got a lot of constructions that look like they’d been made … Continue reading

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Why funds should be free!

My friend Robin Powell has produced a series of disruptive info graphics around comments he’s garnered following Fidelity’s announcement of “free funds”. He’s also written a good blog on the subject. Of course “free funds” is a disruptive idea and … Continue reading

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      It was good to hear that Pensionsync have dropped their payroll charge this week. Payrolls that run Pensionsync (QTAC, Star, MyPaye and Bond among them) will be able to send and receive payroll data to and from … Continue reading

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NEST’s ministry of disinformation.

Sometimes you read a statistic and you don’t know what to think of it… 41% think paying into a #workplacepension is the safest way to save for retirement. https://t.co/4UoqCoCu1c pic.twitter.com/sqPY7yCf5P — NEST (@nestpensions) December 29, 2015 And sometimes you read … Continue reading

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