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Holding to Account: Analysis and Resolution of a Crisis . (Keating and Clacher)

This post was written before the second intervention of the Bank of England to shore up pension schemes and the financial system on Monday 10th October. Con Keating will be speaking today (Tuesday 11th)  at a Pension PlayPen coffee morning  … Continue reading

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Is Private Equity heading for another Glass-Steagall moment?

    “Nothing short of a moment for private capital” — that’s how one source described the SEC’s proposed rules for hedge funds and private equity. But since the proposals dropped, the buzz has died down. Investors have got other … Continue reading

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It’s time we tested the value we get for the charges we pay

If I had read the PLSA’s response to the DWP’s proposals to flex the pension charge cap, this time last year, I would have applauded it. I told the Pensions Minister to his (virtual) face that I saw no demand … Continue reading

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Illiquids in DC – now we are getting somewhere.

“We think this is a new bargain that can deliver better results for both pension savers and private equity managers,” @nestpensions – please make this happen! — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) April 5, 2021 Now we are getting somewhere. I’ve had … Continue reading

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Gamestop is not a morality tale

I came across  this article on Robin Powell’s TEBI blog . Robin put me in touch with co-author Alex Friedman and it is published with his permission, the original can be found here. The very best articles are written by … Continue reading

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The risks “private funds” pose to UK’s workplace pensions.

The publication of a document form the American Securities and Exchange Commission into the activities of private equity and hedge funds (private funds)  came two days before the DWP called for evidence on the AE charge cap. You can read … Continue reading

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Why funds should be free!

My friend Robin Powell has produced a series of disruptive info graphics around comments he’s garnered following Fidelity’s announcement of “free funds”. He’s also written a good blog on the subject. Of course “free funds” is a disruptive idea and … Continue reading

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Britain leading the way (at last)

The balance of regulatory geo-politics has changed (did I really write that!) I guess most baby boomers like me grew up thinking that (at least in matters financial), Britain could look to America for progressive policy and practice. This is no … Continue reading

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“Why does the garbage man not understand his pension”- Tom Hibbard- KAS Bank

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university” – Albert Einstein   This quote has really resonated with me of late as I find myself reading more and … Continue reading

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Protecting against losses is not the same as generating a profit – guest blog from Ralph Frank

  The Swiss National Bank’s (“SNB’s”) decision to abandon the currency ceiling of the Franc relative to the Euro has drawn attention to risk management and hedging. The losers from the SNB’s actions, including retail leveraged trading platforms, investment banks … Continue reading

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