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Stand on your own two feet – says Andy Haldane.

In today’s world of “polycrises”, we can hope for renewed macroeconomic moderation, or a spontaneous growth spurt…..hope is not a prudent policy strategy. It is time to reconfigure our safety nets, in finance and beyond, and reinvigorate capitalism in anticipation … Continue reading

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Why Aussies love pensions (and we don’t).

The Australian Regulator has produced a simple way for Australians saving into DC workplace pensions to look at their savings product and make a reasonable assessment of whether they are getting value for money. They are not using the complex … Continue reading

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We need pensions not pots

10m UK pensioners risk running out of money — poll https://t.co/LTEpRsBNXS — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) August 26, 2021 We are busy saving into pots that provide no pensions and turning future pensions into pension pots. Let’s be clear, we are … Continue reading

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Making pensions as important as football

  I have received a nice email from the Pensions Minister , some of which can be shared. It would be easy for Guy Opperman, days after getting Royal Assent to the Pension Schemes Act, to sit back.  Instead  I … Continue reading

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Watch out for that land down under! Australia’s as confused as we are!

Australia is the land where the market never crashes. It is  a nation of double digit compulsory pension contributors , of universal pension engagement and an example to us all. Well some of this is true, but if recent reports coming out of … Continue reading

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Pension fury from Paul Lewis

It’s worth subscribing to Paul Lewis’ weekly Moneybox blog, delivered to your inbox on a Friday afternoon. This week’s mail addresses a central unfairness; those laying down the law on pensions are sorted , those they tell to “engage” –  face  “glacial”  innovation from … Continue reading

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“Why does the garbage man not understand his pension”- Tom Hibbard- KAS Bank

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university” – Albert Einstein   This quote has really resonated with me of late as I find myself reading more and … Continue reading

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A tale of two failures. (BHS and Tata Steel)

BHS and Tata Steel; they have a lot in common BHS is a  failed retailer, a tired brand with 11,000 employees and a medium sized pension scheme with a hole in it. Tata Steel is a failed steelmaker, an iconic business … Continue reading

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What do we mean by Independent Financial Education?

This is an article that my firm First Actuarial have been sending to their clients. It’s so clear and simple, I thought I’d share it. Of course we’ll be sending it to Andy Haldane at the Bank of England! What … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the social capital of pensions.

    I’ve been reading Andy Haldane’s recent speech and kick off with this one statement among many good insights. “A plausible objective of public policy..is not to maximise trust among consumers of financial services but to maximise trustworthiness among its … Continue reading

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