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How will history remember the Pension Schemes Act 2021?

  The Pension Schemes Bill received Royal Assent last week and is now enacted. Though assent is a formality, it draws the line in the sand. “What is changing”  is now “what has changed” and the work of Guy Opperman … Continue reading

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Why mandating TCFD reporting is a game changer.

The DWP’s proposals to insist that pension schemes set targets and use standard measures to report on the impact of the money they invest makes sense. But like the few radical interventions that work (think auto-enrolment), it is likely to … Continue reading

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Maintenance payments are not a benefit, they are a carer’s and a child’s right

This article’s about the payment of child maintenance, something I did for 20 years. To me it is the very first priority of a paying parent as it is the lifeline for the carer and the child. You can read … Continue reading

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DWP frees up workplace pension defaults – can providers be trusted?

It looks like the high-water mark for Government intervention in workplace pensions has been reached. The years following the introduction of the RDR saw the abolition of sales commissions (both for introducing members and setting up schemes), of “active member … Continue reading

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A Living Pension! What would it take to secure a better retirement income for workers?

  UK pensions have seen radical reforms in recent years to boost pension saving and tackle poverty in retirement. Government has introduced a flat-rate state pension and got more millions more workers saving through auto enrolment. But these policies alone … Continue reading

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Opperman; “let people see the value providers are giving them”

  “Pensions play a vital role in shaping the financial security of the nation and our commitment to net zero by 2050” So Guy Opperman opens the second of his end of year blogs in the pension press (this time … Continue reading

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Funny old year – for our Pensions Minister

I applaud Guy Opperman for his 2020. He kept the Pension Schemes Bill moving , he remained unstintingly optimistic in the face of the pandemic and he weathered personal tragedy with dignity and fortitude.  He is the public face of … Continue reading

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The Pensions Dashboard – Get ready

The Pensions Dashboard took an early step towards availability today with the publication of its data standard. This is more an expression of what the dashboard won’t do than what it will. What it will do day one is “find … Continue reading

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Respect small pension pots, they simmer our dreams

I was lucky to be invited to listen to Chris Curry yesterday at a DWP convened meeting to think about the issues around small pots. Much of the information discussed was proprietary to the DWP so I can’t share the … Continue reading

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USS; are UCU and UUK missing the big picture?

This is nonsense. If universities can’t pay the required #USS DB contribution, then simply move to DC, which was of course the original plan. Universities backed down in the face of strikes https://t.co/rYtU1azGjM via @timeshighered — John Ralfe (@JohnRalfe1) November … Continue reading

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