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Grieving for Guy and Flora Opperman

People have various ways of dealing with grief, some withdraw and deal with it privately, others share their grief with others. Our Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman has chosen to share the grief he has over the loss of his newly … Continue reading

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“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

I am very pleased that Con Keating and Iain Clacher’s recent article has got so much attention , both in terms of readers and in terms of social media comment. Though I am one of those who thinks the Pension … Continue reading

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“Nine years ago today, the Budget nearly killed me” – Guy Opperman

    This blog is about and by Guy Opperman – our  pensions minister; it’s re-published with his permission. It was first published April 26th here Today’s date is etched on my memory, and it will be forever. On Tuesday … Continue reading

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Progress in uncertain times #PLSAinvest20

Democracy 1 – Digital 0 The PLSA’s investment conference made it to its end without drama and with considerable dignity. Emma Douglas’ question took on a new meaning as it turned out many “delegates” never got north of the border … Continue reading

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Our right to dream of a fairer deal for older people.

It’s been another brutal week in politics. I’m glad that the pensions team in place at the start of it – remain in place at the end of it.  I’m pleased  that Guy Opperman remains our pensions minister. As my … Continue reading

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Guy Opperman – we want you to stay

  I first met Guy Opperman at a TPAS function when he gave my company First Actuarial a commendation for the work it had done on financial education. It was one of the first times he had spoken as the … Continue reading

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Open pensions; – the opportunity …and the threat.

Darren Philp’s a passionate guy and you should read his piece in Professional Pensions on how we should allow the Pension Dashboard to be part of the open finance initiative. He even has a Mary Poppins moment Apps and aggregators, … Continue reading

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Why a new pensions commission would fail

There’s a call from our current pensions minister to set up another pension commission like we had fifteen years ago.  That commission was a success as it resulted in progressive policies like auto-enrolment and made us sit up and think … Continue reading

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How the UK could lead the world – supporting older people.

Josephine Cumbo continues to write with precision about the need for reform of the pension taxation system. If you can’t read her latest article, perhaps you should think of subscribing to the FT – at least to read her output … Continue reading

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Welcome to the roaring twenties

There’s a lot of mind-casting going on, us thinking  how things things have changed since 2010. But my mind is casting back further, back to the 1920s, the roaring twenties – where Britain emerged from a terrible four years of … Continue reading

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