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The day the world turned orange (II) #GrandNational18

  When I first went to Aintree six years ago, I wrote a blog called “the day the world turned orange”. I had been caught out by the wonderful world of scouse and I’ve been going back to Aintree every … Continue reading

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We need more than “A pin-stickers guide to workplace pensions”.

Steve Bee once told me that all workplace pensions are the same.  In the context of the conversation (getting small employers to chose the right one), I knew what he meant, it is as hard for small employers to pick … Continue reading

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The Grand National – a race of not taking yourself too seriously!

Thanks to Aintree, a course that has not drunk the Cheltenham Kool-Aid, not sold its soul to corporate hospitality and kept a little sense of humour! The final day of the Grand National Meeting was characterised by brilliant weather. Stella … Continue reading

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Would you take your chance on a mastertrust?

It’s called proper choice and I’m all for GPPs and mastertrusts squaring up to each other and having the argument Continue reading

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“They run more – they jump more” Why Chelsea are better than Barca

I love this Pepe Gardiola man. He knows what makes a good football team and Chelsea are a good team – come on “they run more-they jump more”. It’s a shame they weren’t entered for the Grand National though the Weston … Continue reading

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The day the world turned orange – Grand National 2012

The Grand National of 2012 will be remembered for good and bad. Detractors will point to the shocking deaths of According to Pete and Synchronised, the shambles of Sychonised’s final minutes played out in the most desperate fashion. Others will remember it … Continue reading

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