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Reasons to be excited about Marcelo Bielsa’s Premier League arrival

If you hadn’t heard of Marcelo Bielsa when he became Leeds United manager in June 2018, then you almost certainly will know his name now. In just two seasons at the club, Bielsa has been involved in a spying scandal, won a FIFA Fair Play Award, and been promoted to the Premier League. Continue reading

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Pump fake action!

  Those familiar with basketball or gridiron, the popular American game they call football, will know about “Pump Fake Action”, it’s a move where a whole team shapes for a long and graceful passing pay, while intending to execute a … Continue reading

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The Power of the Ordinary #LCFC

It was all super- ordinary! Mayhem in the Jamie Vardy House, Gary Lineker pondering a new career in lingerie and Gus getting a call from Claudio, thanking him for Chelsea’s second half performance     If the word “surreal” was … Continue reading

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Leicester City – a parable

champione***champione*** champione***champione***champione   The whole nation knows the value of winning the Premier League to Leicester City. The value of Leicester winning it is greatest just before it’s won. This blog was published the morning of the day when Leicester became Premier … Continue reading

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Those red red robins go rob-rob-robbing along

Swindon Town (STFC) – the Robins – are now to be called the Robings after attempting  to rob their own staff of pension contributions. Swindon Town Football Club made good £13,600 in pension contributions it owed staff nearly 15 months after it … Continue reading

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Dele makes me proud to be English!

  What better way to celebrate being English than through the performance of our three major national teams. Over the past ten days, I have watched English sides win the Grand Slam at the six nations rugby, qualify for the … Continue reading

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Bring back the Jock!

    It’s 6.50 on Cyber Monday. All over Britain. our little ones are gorging themselves on the 25 chocolates in their advent calendars and working out how to pin back the cardboard doors so their parents do not notice. … Continue reading

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The best moment of the season (so far) #YTFC 1 #DRFC 0

Yeovil Town FC – we’re the Green Army Continue reading

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The magic of the cup!

The magic of the cup is that the fans of the team that lost seem to be the only ones that enjoyed the game Continue reading

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Shows what the little man can do

“It is one of them, and right at this moment of course it is the best. But to have between 17,000 and 20,000 fans supporting us, which is a relatively small club, on a small budget, this is what you … Continue reading

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