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The speech we should have heard in May

  What struck me , listening to Theresa May’s speech to the diplomats last night, was how we could have done with this clarity before the vote. Six months is a decent period for “post-event rationalisation” and John Godfrey and … Continue reading

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Pump fake action!

  Those familiar with basketball or gridiron, the popular American game they call football, will know about “Pump Fake Action”, it’s a move where a whole team shapes for a long and graceful passing pay, while intending to execute a … Continue reading

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Back to business

  It will be interesting, when the Pensions Regulator comes to publish its statistics, to see whether the past few days will represent a downward spike in engagement over auto-enrolment. Certainly our stats at Pension PlayPen suggest that less decisions … Continue reading

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The great austerity experiment is over

Tucked away on my news feed is a report of a speech made in Manchester by the architect of “austerity”, George Osborne. For those of us who have enjoyed the prosperity that our economic recovery has brought, austerity may seem … Continue reading

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Budget blues for Osborne – but not for payroll

This was a blue budget for George Osborne, one that promised much, and delivered little rather less than planned. Things started going wrong three weeks before Budget Day when the Treasury announced that it would not be pressing ahead with … Continue reading

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If Osborne had stuck to his guns on pensions…

  The Government is in the middle of a political not an economic crisis. The crisis began the morning the Times announced it would not be including radical plans to overhaul pensions in this year’s budget and it has deepened at each … Continue reading

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Britain unproductive? Small wonder!

“Now is not the time to change pensions tax relief”. The words of the Treasury’s press release that spelt the end of radical pensions reform (for now). Oh what an opportunity missed – and for what? To keep a party … Continue reading

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A soft centered budget – (not as sweet as it sounded).

Sterling’s a great indicator of how experts really see a budget and yesterday Sterling fell against a basket of major currencies. We may have liked our sugar tax and our Lifetime ISA but the pound fell against the dollar and … Continue reading

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“Help to save accounts”- crumbs for the poor.

  The Government is planning (according to the BBC) to spend £70m of tax-payers money incentivising those who are not in work (but trying to get a job) to build up an emergency kitty. These savings will be held in “help … Continue reading

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The late-pain robbery! (why pensions are still for the chop)

It’s been two weeks since the Treasury announced no change on pension tax-relief and everybody’s happy nowadays. The forestalling jamboree that had seen SIPP provider AJ Bell estimate £1.5bn flowing into wealth preservation schemes (sorry SIPPs) has been de-railed. We … Continue reading

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