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It will be interesting, when the Pensions Regulator comes to publish its statistics, to see whether the past few days will represent a downward spike in engagement over auto-enrolment. Certainly our stats at Pension PlayPen suggest that less decisions were taken last week then for several weeks before – but ours is too small a sample.

Business needs rules, the source of the rules – Government- needs to be respected. The current failure of Government to govern is worrying. Such a lead can lead to a more general lawlessness.

Auto-enrolment is an ongoing process, we are still only in the foothills, the peaks of 2017 are in view but we don’t need to be dismissing the sherpas right now.

All over Britain , kids are taking exams at the end of term, soon we will be heading abroad and economic slowdown will continue through to September.

With this sense of unreality engendered by the situation in Westminster and in Europe, it is easy to see Britain taking the forebodings of Remain as a self-fulfilling prophecy. There will be nothing easier than to see Britain slip into recession, it doesn’t take any work at all!

I am attracted to business-like people and the talk of Andrea Leadsom is that of a business person. It is why I like Ros Altmann, not just as a person but as a Minister – she is business-like (an advantage she has over her predecessor).

It is now incumbent on those who have created this mess – the politicians – to get their heads down and really get to work. I am actually going to the Conservative Party conference in October and I look forward to seeing some work done there (unlike last year).

Right now – I am sitting on a boat – four miles East of Henley – awaiting day five of the regatta. The highlight (for me), the battle for the Princess Elizabeth Cup between George Osborne’s St Pauls School and David Cameron’s Eton.

While the toffs slug it out on the river, an army  of migrant workers will be serving the blazoured multitude on the bank. What a metaphor for where we are!

Here are the highlights of day four, including St Paul’s amazing comeback against Melbourne!



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