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The speech we should have heard in May

  What struck me , listening to Theresa May’s speech to the diplomats last night, was how we could have done with this clarity before the vote. Six months is a decent period for “post-event rationalisation” and John Godfrey and … Continue reading

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GAD shows you can’t take “company” out of “company pensions” #TATA

So the mysterious volte face by the Government over the Tata Steel pensions rescue package is a mystery no more. The FT, led by super-snooper Jo Cumbo have unearthed the GAD submission to the DWP consultation on solutions to the … Continue reading

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Back to business

  It will be interesting, when the Pensions Regulator comes to publish its statistics, to see whether the past few days will represent a downward spike in engagement over auto-enrolment. Certainly our stats at Pension PlayPen suggest that less decisions … Continue reading

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Sarah Vine and Lady Macbeth

The radio reports a leaked email from Mrs Gove to Mr Gove that has a touch of Lady Macbeth about it. “Beware Johnson, beware Dacre and Murdoch”. The positioning of the career of Michael Gove above the interests of the country, … Continue reading

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The Coalition worked- this doesn’t!

A tale of two Governments In 2010, after a shock result, Britain found itself Governed by a ConLib coalition. No one gave it much chance of working but it di, The Clegg/Cameron coalition brought considerable benefit to the country and … Continue reading

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Sorry tales from the riverbank.

I am on the river at last and Lady Lucy is in good shape for her five day Henley escapade. I had thought that escaping to Hurley and the Thames to have put behind me the tension from the referendum, … Continue reading

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Too saucy with the gods….the day of reckoning is upon us!

Note; this blog was written before I voted – I had a bad feeling then and nothing since has changed that feeling.   On the night Cassius and the conspirators are plotting to murder Caesar, thunder and lightning shake the … Continue reading

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Don’t tell me “this feels momentous”

Does this feel momentous to you? If we remain in the EU, as the bookies tell us we will, we will be  where we were before this sad sorry saga began, with diminished credibility. If we leave, we will be … Continue reading

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Has a robot changed advice for ever?

Below are the questions I’ve been asked to address next month at the Pension and Benefit Conference. I hope that when robots go to grammar school, they’ll be able to do a little better framing the question! The framing of the … Continue reading

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The Transparency Zeitgeist is upon us

I am a frugal man, the £3.50 I paid for this morning’s FT was grudgingly passed to my newsagent. But I wanted to capture the headline and read about Josephine’s reporting of a meeting with my friends Andy Agethangelou and … Continue reading

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