Too saucy with the gods….the day of reckoning is upon us!


Note; this blog was written before I voted - I had a bad feeling then and nothing since has changed that feeling.


On the night Cassius and the conspirators are plotting to murder Caesar, thunder and lightning shake the streets like no one has ever seen.

Casca interprets the weather as an omen of bad things to come:

“Either there is a civil strife in heaven,

or else the world, too saucy with the gods,

Incenses them to send destruction”

Anyone in London last night , would have been awakened by the mother of all storms. Friar St is still a summer bourne.

Some politicians better watch their back.

Trying their luck?

Whatever the outcome of today’s vote, the referendum campaign will prove nothing. Our nation will remain divided, our discomfort with our diversity, our dislike of Brussels and our inability to conduct political debate in a civilised manner, have been exposed to the world.

Far from appearing a tolerant and balanced society, Britain has appeared as the architect of its own problems (at home and on the French streets).

The people, as with the Roman populace, watch as political factions plot against each other, occasionally turning to us with threats that we’ll be paying if matters turn out bad.

While the politicians try their luck in the power struggle to rule the Conservative party (and thus Britain), the country is busy not doing the things it should be doing, While Merckel signs trade deals with China, our financial services industry is busy putting currency hedges in place.

In short, we are paying a high price for  what is turning out to be a pointless debate.



Too saucy with the gods?

It’s a wonderful phrase, a Shakespearian throw-away that exactly sums up the reckless behaviour of politicians and tI heir strategy teams – whatever the era.

Julius Caesar is very much a play about consequences.

Did not great Julius bleed for justice’ sake?

What villain touch’d his body, that did stab,

And not for justice?

Shakespeare’s conclusion is pertinent to the Cassius’, Brutus’ and Caesar’s on the Westminster stage

The evil that men do lives after them;

the good is oft interred with their bones.

The evil that men do lives after them

I will vote after publishing this blog and I will do so with conviction. I don’t seek to influence others than to vote- something we must do- if only to exercise democracy and out of respect to one who can’t.

Individually our votes are of little consequence but collectively they tell the tale of how our country feels. Whatever the outcome, I hope that those in power will listen and accept the consequences.

But the carnage in the Roman senate did not bring peace, those storms portended more than the death of one of the actors.

I fear little good will come out or this referendum and much harm has been caused by it. It has been the bringer of bad Government and this will be remembered in 202o.



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  1. Phil Castle says:

    I agree Henry. Voting is more important for democracy than the way we vote, even if it is a spoilt vote. I can work/live with either outcome and will be responsible (collectively) for either outcome.

  2. Bad government. Sums it up.

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