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Vote early, vote late

  Polling stations are open today from 7 am. They close at 10 pm. Some people will drive or cycle miles, some will walk, some will be driven. All over Britain people will make an effort to vote. Will you? … Continue reading

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This blogger’s a reluctant Tory

  Some year’s ago, Mrs May reminded the Conservatives that some people thought them the nasty party, this election she’s reminded us that they are the hapless party. They have been opposed by a Labour Party who’s policies are under-costed … Continue reading

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Too saucy with the gods….the day of reckoning is upon us!

Note; this blog was written before I voted – I had a bad feeling then and nothing since has changed that feeling.   On the night Cassius and the conspirators are plotting to murder Caesar, thunder and lightning shake the … Continue reading

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Please vote – out of respect.

If you read no other article this weekend, read this by the Fleet Street Fox.┬áIt says what I was trying to say in an amateurish way yesterday, it talks of Jo Cox’s death as a wake-up call to those of … Continue reading

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Does Lady Altmann get our vote?

The Guardian is reporting the Conservatives intention to elevate Ros Altmann to the House of Lords and make her minister for consumer affairs. She will not of course get our vote as she will be unelected- but she has flagrantly … Continue reading

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