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A propitious moment for pensions

Yesterday was exuberant. The main UK stock market index rose 2.4%, the FTSE 250 even more. The pound rose and there is a “fill your boots” feel to the City of London. The Conservative party gaining a significant overall majority … Continue reading

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Elections destroy trust and time

By this time tomorrow, I will have cast my vote in what is being called the most important election in a generation. Of course it isn’t any such thing, it is just an adjustment to the dial if power. At … Continue reading

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For pity’s sake.

      I’ve just read a very funny and moving article about a grandson’s changing attitude to his grandfather’s dementia. The article is a little stylised as it’s on Vice and is rather longer and more thoughtful than the … Continue reading

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What my neighbours think

The night job I went out canvassing last night, I only spoke to about 30 people but one thing I am sure of – this election is not being fought on pensions. People were talking from their flats about sovereignty, … Continue reading

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Do academics have special rights of pleading?

Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people of similar competence to the producers of the work. It constitutes a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field. Peer review methods … Continue reading

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Who are the 200,000 people petitioning for the pensions dashboard?

  It won’t be long till 38 degrees’ campaign to save the pensions dashboard hits its target of 200,00. Today, the campaign was given a boost by publicity in the Financial Times by the ever-excellent Jo Cumbo. The FT’s headline … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment for all?

The Government has leaked details of the findings of their auto-enrolment review and what its wanting to do about them. Each of the four proposals outlined below has merit, though they won’t be achieved without protest from those who will  pay more into … Continue reading

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Too late Chancellor – that ship has sailed!

  If I were a cynical editor looking for a story to focus on, I would look no further than speculation on the autumn statement. Yesterday the Telegraph floated a story, purportedly a leak from #10, that the Chancellor was … Continue reading

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Let these politicians do some work!

We have had so many referendums and elections and leadership battles and cabinet reshuffles over the past two years, that politicians may have forgotten they are here to govern the country. We elect 650 people every five years to do … Continue reading

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      An actuary friend of mine writes to me If we adjust the State Pension Age ahead of time, then it depends on assumptions for future improvement – (as adjustments follow a formula). And right now as you know … Continue reading

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