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A sad year – when only Tories count.

I am going to the Conservative party conference, I am not going to the freak show in Liverpool and I don’t even know when the Liberals are convening. I have limited time on my hands to understand Government but I … Continue reading

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A little bit of anarchy does you good

I’m grateful to my Swedish friend Per Andelius for finding this. Provenance has kindly been provided by readers (see comments). In game theory, the “price of anarchy” describes how individuals acting in their own self-interest within a larger system tend … Continue reading

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Hilary Salt gets a touch of the William Blakes!

Arise you actuaries from your slumber (guest blog from Hilary Salt) I’ve found the last few weeks exhilarating. For the first time in perhaps 30 years, there’s been a real political debate in Britain. A debate where it clearly mattered … Continue reading

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Shaking up at the DWP- how will politics effect pensions and payroll?

As we all know by now, the DWP are very proud of auto-enrolment which former Pension Minister described as “that hen’s tooth – a public policy success”. At the time of writing, I should be in a meeting chaired by … Continue reading

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Playing the personality card

Of all the financial myths that remain unchallenged, the myth of personality is least challenged and most lethal. For it allows the congregation of expert panels/committees/boards – stuffed with perceived “personality” to validate all manner of iniquities. For those personalities … Continue reading

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May be!

  Well it was nothing if not “brutal”, though I expect that will be spun to “pragmatic”. The conservative party abandoned any further flirtations with democracy, closed ranks and appointed Teresa May as leader and – from tomorrow- Prime Minister. … Continue reading

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Women rock

It should come as no surprise to anybody that the two leading candidates for our next prime minister are women. Leadsom and May have survived the BREXIT disaster with their dignity intact and integrity intact. I would have no worries … Continue reading

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This dread butcher and his fiend like queen

  My blog yesterday likened the mail between Sarah Vine and Michael Gove  to Lady Macbeth winding up her husband to kill the King. For Duncan (or better Banquo) read Boris – though I had no prescience that but minutes after I published … Continue reading

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Sarah Vine and Lady Macbeth

The radio reports a leaked email from Mrs Gove to Mr Gove that has a touch of Lady Macbeth about it. “Beware Johnson, beware Dacre and Murdoch”. The positioning of the career of Michael Gove above the interests of the country, … Continue reading

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Mounting frustration with politicians

Last night I presented to a small group of Finance Director’s in the City, not the masters of the universe type, but the guys who keep our insurance broking and reinsurance industry on the straight and narrow. They wanted me … Continue reading

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