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Bryn Davies ; Our new voice in the Lords

There were three peerages created yesterday for services to pensions , all three deserved. Frank Field and Helena Morrissey are high profile and  fly their own flags, Bryn is less well known but no less deserving. Bryn’s career Brinley Howard … Continue reading

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Elections destroy trust and time

By this time tomorrow, I will have cast my vote in what is being called the most important election in a generation. Of course it isn’t any such thing, it is just an adjustment to the dial if power. At … Continue reading

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What Mr Corbyn taught us yesterday

Yesterday was the first parliamentary test of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. He created history by crowd-sourcing 6 questions from over 40,000 submitted him by people like you and me. Because these questions were from ordinary people, they were treated with respect. … Continue reading

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Why Corbynism is radical (and what it means for pensions)

The most tweeted action of Corbyn’s first 24 hours as Labour leader was to choose to go to a constituency engagement rather than go on the Andrew Marr show. For Labour apparatchnick schooled in two decades of Blairite PR and … Continue reading

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Corbyn – Pietas and the Malcolm Tucker Litmus Test

I’ve been thinking about Jeremy Corbyn but I’ve had nothing to say, because I didn’t get what was going on and didn’t know how to divide hype from reality. Now I know the reality, 60% of the people who voted … Continue reading

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