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Are we to be taken for fools?

this is the clip pic.twitter.com/Hi9b6GsUsd — Iain Overton (@iainoverton) January 10, 2022   There are many  Conservative MPs (Guy Opperman among them) who will remember this episode in the House of Commons where the Prime Minister expresses his fury at … Continue reading

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Who cares at No 10 Downing Street?

  The credibility of the Prime Minister is being called into question. For the second time during the period of the pandemic, evidence has come to light of people working with the Prime Minister playing fast and loose with the … Continue reading

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“Welcome to the corridors of corruption” (Con Keating unedited)

This article first appeared in Professional Pensions , a little edited and under the title “state goals won’t override my duty. This is the unexpurgated version published the day after the Prime Minister outlined his vision for Britain at his … Continue reading

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The City’s not remotely working.

  Today, the Prime Minister is going to urge Britain to go back to work. He’s been saying much the same since June. People don’t seem to paying him much notice. I thought to write a little about how I … Continue reading

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What will this “investment big bang” mean for our pensions?

BREAKING: The UK Pensions Regulator is to drop plans to require UK defined benefit schemes to limit private market investment to 20% of their portfolio. More follows. — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) August 5, 2021 This u-turn comes 6 months after … Continue reading

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Enjoy summer safely in a pub?

There wasn’t much surety about Boris Johnson’s messaging in his briefing yesterday evening. The idea that having a few drinks in your local is a good idea is bonkers. I burst into laughter when the Prime Minister told me that … Continue reading

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We had better get used to managing bad news;- (thoughts on 64,500 excess deaths).

The Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) has published its Mortality Monitor. Key points: – death rates 18% higher than same week last year – excess deaths this week were lower than the number of COVID-19 deaths – they estimate around 64,500 … Continue reading

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Making our own rules; (Cummings II)

The Cummings and lack of goings of the past 48 hours are dividing Britain between the absolutists, the pragmatists and the people who just hate Dominic Cummings. I suspect the number of people who know Cummings well enough to hate … Continue reading

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We get what we vote for – 15 years of Tory rule.

A defining moment for the Conservative party. We have voted in a Conservative Government and by the end of 2024 we will have pretty well fifteen years with a Conservative Prime Minister. The Labour party has made just one gain … Continue reading

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Elections destroy trust and time

By this time tomorrow, I will have cast my vote in what is being called the most important election in a generation. Of course it isn’t any such thing, it is just an adjustment to the dial if power. At … Continue reading

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