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Something rotten in the state of funding

Pangloss was a person who was optimistic whatever the circumstances, “all was for the best in the best possible worlds”. There has been irrational enthusiasm for the state of pension funding of late, that is panglossian. By contrast, the parliamentary … Continue reading

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PIRC tells WPC – LDI crisis a product of poor accounting standards

    This blog is a transcription of the submission of Pensions & Investment Research Consultants Ltd (PIRC) to the Work and Pension Committee’s inquiry Defined benefit pensions with Liability Driven Investments 1              Summary Problems with the accounting standards which have led to … Continue reading

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The give and take of workplace pensions (it can’t all be “done for us!”)

“Done for you” has become an over-worked phrase in a very short time. I started using it to refer to the CDC decumulation solution discussed by Simon Eagle and others where CDC becomes another investment pathway – with the pension … Continue reading

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TPR, FCA and PPF give LDI evidence tomorrow

The Work and Pensions Committee’s Oral evidence sessions have proved the most accessible and wide-ranging of the various inquiries into what happened when LDI blew up in September and October. Tomorrow, Weds. 14th, the WPC meet again This is likely … Continue reading

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An employer with a small DB scheme gives its evidence to the WPC

Founded 50 years ago, Dixon International Ltd is an award-winning innovator and manufacturer of specialised construction products. It was the first to develop aluminium and elastomeric draught seals for doors & windows in the early sixties. It was the first … Continue reading

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Parliamentary evidence impugned; £500bn LDI loss explained.

John Ralfe has written the following to the Work and Pensions Committee.   Supplementary evidence from John Ralfe Consulting Ltd  Thank you for the opportunity to give evidence to the Committee, which I hope you found useful. During the session Professor … Continue reading

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WPC hears from providers and consultants on LDI

There have been big losers from the LDI crisis. It has been going on all year but intensified following the Bank of England’s switch from easing to tapering and intensified again after the announcement the next day of the ill-fated … Continue reading

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Pensions Minister resigns

I resign with great regret, given there are serious ongoing issues that need addressing ranging from cost of living support, to legislation, & parliamentary debates. It should not take the resignation of 50 colleagues, but sadly the PM has left … Continue reading

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Mr Field – you want a common measure for value for money? I’ve got one!

In the Work and Pension Select Committee’s report on pension transparency, one demand has caught the imagination of the pension community You can read Kim Kaveh’s excellent article here. Professional Pensions ran the question on its Pension Buzz survey and … Continue reading

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The “pensions industry” must speak for pensions – not the people who profit from them.

There is an assumption that for innovation to happen in the pensions industry, it needs to have the sanction of the “pensions industry”. Take this comment from Sam. CDC will be a disaster unless you can convince the pensions industry … Continue reading

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