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Should regulators be enforcers?

  Tim Thomas asked this question at a TTF seminar  this lunchtime. His conclusion was they considered themselves a world-class regulator and a reluctant enforcer. From comments made by Andrew Bailey (former CEO) and Mark Steward (former head of enforcement) … Continue reading

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The pension transfer mess: who pays and what’s paid?

There’s an irony to PAC’s assertions. It was extremely critical of the FCA in almost every aspect but never even questioned a key one: the FCA’s own assessment that transfers were very widely unsuitable at BSPS. This is now being … Continue reading

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Al Rush’s “aide memoire for trustees”

Al is a friend and someone I rely on to tell it as he sees it (not necessarily as I see it). But what he says bears listening to , as it’s experienced talk, not stuff off the top of … Continue reading

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Wish I could be like Tom McPhail

  One of the pleasures of getting into your sixties is that you don’t feel so guilty about taking a step back from the nitty-gritty. Over the past four weeks, I’ve been spending time listening to people who think a … Continue reading

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Mess with the old – they’ll mess with you.

I’m PC on age – three of my best friends are in their (early) 70s There’s no going early into that good night with those three. And here’s a tale to stir the heart if you consider picturing your future … Continue reading

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Moral hazard and the “compo culture”- must good pay for bad?

Blow to the trust in our profession. We could have organized to help people and divi the work for an industry wide agreed fixed fee on this. People matter. #financialplanning #values #trust https://t.co/wJghgWZEOe — Clémence Chatelin (@CChatelin) January 25, 2021 … Continue reading

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Time has told for Tideway

  So – over three years after writing that Tideway’s activities in the DB transfer market should be stopped, Tideway’s activities in the DB market have been stopped. A note on the FCA’s register says that, as of 3 July, … Continue reading

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Polarised or bi-polar? DB transfers today.

Back in November, I reported on Ruston Smith’s initiative at Tesco to provide his colleagues with help finding the right type of adviser. AgeWage had been helping Ruston promote this to other firms earlier in the year and I’m glad … Continue reading

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Great Pension Debate 4 – Port Talbot revisited

Al Rush is organising the fourth episode of the Great Pensions Debate. Here – in Al’s inimitable style, is what this is all about. You can sign up for the Great Pension Debate 4 by following this link, all you … Continue reading

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BSPS – is the “dam breaking”

The imagination of Al Rush is stirred by deeds of the RAF so I smiled to see this Facebook post. Being on the other side of the planet, I had not picked up on this press release from the FCA. … Continue reading

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