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Should regulators be enforcers?

  Tim Thomas asked this question at a TTF seminar  this lunchtime. His conclusion was they considered themselves a world-class regulator and a reluctant enforcer. From comments made by Andrew Bailey (former CEO) and Mark Steward (former head of enforcement) … Continue reading

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How the FCA failed those sold Blackmore Bonds.

Last night’s excellent Panorama on the Blackmore Bond scandal, was pitched precisely to explain how ordinary savers were duped by unscrupulous fraudsters who have outwitted the FCA. What is most worrying is that the FCA were shown to have repeatedly … Continue reading

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Dolphin Trust and LCF – it’s Germany v England but will it go to penalties?

Speaking at last night’s Transparency Symposium, Prem Sikka, spoke with authority about the advantages of the German regulatory system where pressure is applied from stakeholder groups to get action in a timely way. As we in Britain await the report on … Continue reading

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All party parliamentary group on pension scams takes shape

      Well done Andy Agethangelou and the Transparency Task Force for establishing an APPG to deal with pension scams. At a time when personal and financial vulnerability is high, attention to the threats to our pensions is welcome. … Continue reading

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British criminals, British victims, British pensions – why must justice come from Spain?

I should’t be having to post about this court case in Spain. This court case would have been avoided if those responsible for the victimisation of savers had been summarily dealt with by the criminal courts many years ago. It … Continue reading

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Transparency isn’t tactical! Thoughts on day 2 at PLSA.

The Pension Dashboard was under discussion again at the PLSA conference in Liverpool. “The Pensions Dashboard has taken longer than I would have liked.” @ThePLSA pic.twitter.com/QiZsOlhZbx — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) October 18, 2018 I am not clear from Opperman’ s … Continue reading

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Roll out Transparency today!

  Today is a Transparency Task Force day and Andy Agethangelou and the transparent will be assembling at Pension Insurance Corporation from 9am. You can catch me on a CDC power panel at 4pm. I urge you to go- it … Continue reading

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Taking one for transparency!

My colleagues at First Actuarial will hate me for it – but I accepted an award from Mr Transparency – Andy Agethangelou, at the Transparency Task Force’s Auto-Enrolment event yesterday afternoon. The point was that 30 people got together with … Continue reading

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“Is it worth planning when the future’s so uncertain?”

Today is NEST Insight day;  it’s also TTF symposium day.  So I’ll be cycling from the City to the South Bank like Mark Cavendish (pre-crash). At the TTF event, Beccy Young and Robert Finer will be presenting the FCA Asset Management Market Study … Continue reading

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Ever wondered where those “pension leads” come from?

Many financial advisers buy “pension leads”. These are hot prospects keen to take action to change their financial circumstances. Many of these leads are legitimately sourced, but many aren’t. If you spend time on Linked in or Twitter or Facebook, … Continue reading

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