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The tale of the “scammed”

This is the testimony of one victim of a pension scam. I cannot verify whether every aspect is true, but it is not the work of a vindictive person. It has been written to help trustees of pension schemes to … Continue reading

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So what would a pension exit charge cap look like?

Yesterday I spoke on Money Box in support of a cap on exit fee penalties from legacy personal pensions. Claire Trott spoke well in opposition and I’m quite sure that the ABI will take comfort in her argument that a … Continue reading

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An alarming gap in pension regulation

In this world, the best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with a passionate intensity Continue reading

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The Pension Industry cannot serve two masters

Pensions are at a crossroads. For 30 years they have been travelling in the direction of the financial services and we could continue that direction of travel. We could turn left and go Dutch or turn right and adopt the American … Continue reading

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Make AE tardy bosses a “cause of innocent merriment”.

My object all sublime The stated purpose of auto-enrolment is to include 11m people currently excluded from pensions savings in good quality workplace pension schemes so they can receive more from the pensions system than their state pension entitlement. I … Continue reading

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“Ex dolo malo non oritur action” – the mysteries of pension liberation

it seems that the Regulator is right in saying it has not itself threatened trustees, merely pointed out the threat that exists from the Regulations Continue reading

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“Comply or explain” – will “bottom up” regulation work for pensions?

“Comply or Explain” is a phrase that crept into the “corporate governance” lexicon after the 1992 Cadbury report. The idea’s that rather than demand compliance with Government standards, regulators give companies the option to comply or explain why they haven’t. … Continue reading

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2 cheers for the Regulator’s new clothes

Not before time, the Pension Regulator is getting to grips with its responsibilities to protect members of UK DC plans. I am pleased that the Regulator is getting involved (one cheer) and I’m pleased that they are concentrating on outcomes (two … Continue reading

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Right direction – wrong speed! Defining a “good” workplace pension.

I like the rhetoric, what the DWP and tPR are saying is going in the right direction, I hope they can keep their foot to the floor so that companies and trustees staging next year can get it right first time. Continue reading

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Extending a hand to the Regulator

Saturday morning allows me time to expand on some hurried thoughts in my post The Regulator, wisdom and the crowd. Continue reading

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