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Phoenix IGC – making sense of legacy pensions.

Phoenix has published its 2022 IGC statement for the period up to 31st December 2021, along with reports for Standard Life and ReAssure , it is one of three statements from the Chair of all three – David Hare. As … Continue reading

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Let’s make “Legacy” a thing of the past.

It’s hard not to feel a twinge of sympathy for Richard Smith. Concur with that. Those working with the 6% don’t. Comments on my document haven’t gone down that well – then again, I wasn’t really expecting it to be … Continue reading

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Aviva’s IGC report – a great leap forward

Aviva has quietly become the most important insurance company operating in the workplace pension market. While others have pulled in their horns, Aviva has remained committed to auto-enrolment and now features in every search we conduct for new pension providers. … Continue reading

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Reassured? The ReAssure IGC is working for you!

Many financial institutions¬†harboured hopes of becoming workplace ¬†pension providers only to fall by the wayside, close their doors and pull up the drawbridge on new business. The personal pension policyholders were not transferred to be looked after by progressive organisations … Continue reading

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So what would a pension exit charge cap look like?

Yesterday I spoke on Money Box in support of a cap on exit fee penalties from legacy personal pensions. Claire Trott spoke well in opposition and I’m quite sure that the ABI will take comfort in her argument that a … Continue reading

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We knew we were cheating our clients.

  Mark Wood (now of JLT and formerly of the Prudential) is calling on insurers to relax the early exit penalties on pension contracts set up in the “bad old days” when commission was paid in advance for premiums paid … Continue reading

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