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The “personalised nudge” – down the slippery slope or a shove towards better pensions?

This week we are hearing a lot about what providers think they should be able to do with their customers to help those customers take better decisions. A pension provider’s view of what’s good for a customer may be skewed … Continue reading

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What are our older workers doing?

Last month , I wrote about the missing 600,000 over fifties who seem to have disappeared from the labour market. I was alerted to this by economist Tony Wilson and now he’s back, looking at the latest ONS Data on … Continue reading

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Should the pensioner or the tax-payer level up Britain?

Today’s  front page splash in the FT is news that Government are moving fast to a relaxed position for UK insurers writing capital intensive annuity business. Just published: front page of the Financial Times, UK edition, Friday 11 February https://t.co/7pah7kWWODContinue reading

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Private Equity has a consumer duty which it can’t ignore.

  Let me disclose my prejudice, I don’t like management consultants, I don’t like the way they pander to the basest instincts of those who employ them and I don’t like the way they are used to justify corporate behavior … Continue reading

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Phoenix should be putting out fires – not fanning the flames!

Phoenix are rightly taking some stick for suggesting that the young should pay more for their pension investment than the old. It would be hard to present an argument in a worse way than Phoenix/Standard Life’s PR team have managed … Continue reading

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We need to find new ways to take pension insurance risk – and reward it.

The Phoenix Group has under its control, some £300bn of policyholder’s money spread over 13m policies. Andy Briggs, who is the Group CEO is asking the Treasury , through its regulators, the PRA and FCA to relax rules on regulatory … Continue reading

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Phoenix Life’s IGC runs out of steam

  Phoenix’s 2021 IGC report The Phoenix Group has not one, not two but three IGCs in operation. I have already reported on the IGC report for Standard Life and will also report on ReAssure’s IGC report. It’s easy to … Continue reading

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Pension Plowman’s guide to 2020 IGC reports

This is a big year for IGCs. It is their fifth birthday, it’s the year when the FCA reviews their effectiveness and it’s the year of the pandemic, where providers and savers will be under maximum strain. Most of the … Continue reading

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Who will patrol the investment pathways?

  Investment pathways are the big idea to help those getting to 55 and with pension freedom in sight. From August, people will be presented with four paths for their money. One takes them to a point when they can … Continue reading

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Getting Smarter about how we retire

  #SmartSnap 2 is here: Smart Retire In this video, we share a sneak peek of Smart Retire – our unique “to and through retirement” master trust solution – coming this year to Smart Pension. pic.twitter.com/14JKPvjUkq — Smart Pension (@smartpensionuk) … Continue reading

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