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Can these insurers become useful to pension savers again?

    Time was when people regarded a pension as an insurance against getting old, right now insurers compete with master trusts and SIPPs for the nation’s retirement saving and the staple features that made them indispensable seem increasingly irrelevant. … Continue reading

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Spending your pension pot should not be a guilt trip;- it should make you happy!

Poor old Andrew Tully of Canada Life, what a terrible job he has – trotting out the ABI party line on behalf of Canada Life – Andrew- you are the kindest and most decent of chaps, but you make no … Continue reading

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The money behind annuities “matters” too!

We tend to forget that a very large amount of the money yet to be paid as pensions , is backed by funds held by insurers and that money is invested, not just in gilts but in a wide variety … Continue reading

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