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“How to spend your pension savings”- Pension PlayPen coffee morning today!

Mark Ormston is threatening to present us with little black dresses and accessories Is he off his rocker? There is only one way to find out. Register here for Mark, the two proffs and Tuesday’s Pension PlayPen coffee morning.

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The money behind annuities “matters” too!

We tend to forget that a very large amount of the money yet to be paid as pensions , is backed by funds held by insurers and that money is invested, not just in gilts but in a wide variety … Continue reading

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Pension Bee and the fintech annuity

Legal & General Retail Retirement has agreed a new partnership  to provide annuities to PensionBee customers. From 3rd August, customers enquiring about an annuity with PensionBee will be introduced to Legal & General for further information, or to get a … Continue reading

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Learning how to buy pensions.

Mark Ormston who works for Retirement Line has written an excellent blog on linkedin. This is my version of his blog. Are people taking sub-optimal annuity decisions? The figures in the circles are  taken from the FCA Retirement income data report … Continue reading

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Prudential’s seal-clubbers still at large

Back in 2011 I wrote about seal culling. Seal culling;- the practice among financial institutions of providing sub-standard products to existing customers rather than treating them fairly and ensuring they are made properly aware of alternatives. Have you been culled? To answer that question … Continue reading

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What price certainty? (Boring blog on annuities and drawdown)

In financial matters, certainty comes at a price. Is it a price that I’m prepared to pay? I’ve been putting myself in the shoes of a friend who is around the same age as me (57) and is hoping to … Continue reading

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Navigating pension’s Straits of Hormuz

We met last night in a crowded room in Moorgate WeWork. We were an eclectic mix of pensions directors, chairs of trustees , annuity experts Retirement Line,  Ruston Smith, Vincent Franklin and me. You can see the slides here Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Pension Income’s best kept secret

Did you know that when you buy an annuity you can change your mind? No? Well neither did I. I thought that once you handed your money over to an insurer that it was it, an income for life with … Continue reading

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