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Pension Income’s best kept secret

Did you know that when you buy an annuity you can change your mind? No? Well neither did I. I thought that once you handed your money over to an insurer that it was it, an income for life with … Continue reading

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“Of margins and men”. Were the City and Carillion ever friends?

Of all that is being said about the collapse of Carillon, the comment that remains with me is something said by Robin Ellison, in his capacity as   in an interview with IPE. The FCA is looking at asset management companies’ … Continue reading

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The Pension Network -November 17-18 A special offer for readers of this blog

This is a straight advert for an event that’s coming up on 17th and 18th November. If you are a member of the Pensions Network, then you’ll know about how it works- it’s been running ten years now and it … Continue reading

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Transparency and its task force

If the concept of a Transparency task force conjures up a vision of covert operations and the Night Manager, you wouldn’t be far off the mark. At times during yesterday’s day-long meeting I sensed the competing forces of the Global … Continue reading

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Robin Ellison/Class War mash up – vote bonkers.

U may not think so , but it may be the political party least likely to win a seat in parliament. So unlikely that anyone who wants to buy me a drink between now and Thursday, will have drinks on … Continue reading

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PPF II -opening the door for a better DC

We are where we are – the social contract has been decided… not compulsion but impulsion; impulsion  into a DC pensions model that relies on the markets to deliver a second tier of pensions. Our retirements will be funded from employer and employee contributions over a … Continue reading

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