Robin Ellison/Class War mash up – vote bonkers.

u badge

U badge – the only U party image on the world wide web

U may not think so , but it may be the political party least likely to win a seat in parliament. So unlikely that anyone who wants to buy me a drink between now and Thursday, will have drinks on me for the ret of 2015 if U wins a single seat in parliament. In my perfect world, I would like to see a coalition of Robin Ellison’s U party with Class War adamcanvass I am lucky enough to have the chance to vote for the wonderfully gay Class Warrior Adam Clifford because I am in posh City and Westminster.


Robin Ellison – U party candidate and pension lawyer

Robin Ellison is the U party’s only candidate and he is standing (well mostly sitting) in Hampstead I would like to point you to the U website, the U twitter feed and U-tube, but no reference to U can be found on the net; even google is silent.

By contrast, Class War have fully embraced all forms of media including the painted sheet.

You cannot have the Vice News  report on Class War’s propoganda unit as the embeed code is a bid dodge. But here is the link .

I particularly like the advice to pretty pinkoe  Gav (we all relate to Gav)

“middle classholes, get involved in class struggle – kill yourselves”

This is U’s second go at propelling Ellison into parliament. He lost his deposit last time, he may not lose it this time, mainly because Robin Ellison reckons his returning officer’s lost his cheque.

So what does Ellison stand for? A quintessential mix of English whimsy and sound common sense.

He’s for regaining the French territories lost by Henry II (other than Calais -engraved on Mary’s heart). He wishes parliamentary censure on MP’s found reading the Daily Mail and he wants them to be unpaid and work part time.

All drugs would , in their U-niverse be legal, 1100 tax reliefs would be abolished and the world would generally be improved by training. You may wonder who would join such a party, the answer is that U already have. Robin Ellison has auto-enrolled everyone and it’s up to us to opt-out. A nudge is as good as a wink.

It is a great shame that Mr Ellison’s sit is not receiving more  attention. If James Clifford can be interview by Andrew Neal for the BBC, surely Robin and his huge member (ship) is worthy of more exposure.

A flash of Robin in the night. I

t’s all about U and all about U can be found an a double side printed page of A4 that Ii have in my pocket. If only life and politics were as simple as Robin Ellison can make it.

But what of Adam Clifford?

adam clifford

Adam, Boris’ Dad, a journo and a lady

Adam is as bonkers as Robin. But he’s winning the media war. He’s been on the BBC. adam clifford 3 Adam’s got a hot media campaign that is better than the U badge

Tell the nation which of these aspiring politicians is more bonkers.

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