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Ruffer – a British asset manager in demand worldwide

This blog is quite different from what you are used to reading on here. It promotes a single asset manager with a single fund and I’ve written it, partly because Ruffer’s expansion into the US is in the news this morning, … Continue reading

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A day when the flat-earthers got a shock – a DC summit that lived up to its name.

As expected, the DG publishing’s DC Strategic Summit held in Liverpool Street , offered us a day well spent. Many thanks to the organizers, the sponsors and the speakers. As I have said in my feedback , it is hard … Continue reading

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LCP – doh ray me!

We were having a sing song yesterday afternoon and it got “pensionlitical”. Doh! – it’s dear – DB is dear Ray – I read it in the Sun Me – DC! I’m by myself Fah – how long will drawdown … Continue reading

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What is private sector pension indemnity insurance (and who’s asking)?

Occasionally I find myself as an intermediary for clever people who’d prefer to discuss matters in a public way while remaining anonymous. These people often send me direct messages on twitter  whats app and  Facebook Messenger and the discussion continues … Continue reading

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The price of being sick in the head

  “Sick in the head”? The phrase doesn’t quite work for Tina – a 38 year old Mum who suffered from post-natal depression and then found her life and critical illness insurances 30% more expensive than if she hadn’t declared … Continue reading

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“Would you pay a social care premium?”

This was the question Radio Five Live’s Wake up to Money asked its audience this Monday morning. 2.5% off wages for the prospect of insurance against things going really wrong with your health in later life? The idea is being trailed … Continue reading

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Back in the bubble – how the pension industry feeds itself (but no-one else)

Looking back over the headlines in the trade press, I read a depressing litany of stories about the industry feeding itself. Aegon says it has deep pockets (to compensate financial advisers). It’s chief executive calls its life company (the once … Continue reading

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Isn’t it time we thought of pensions as insurance (again)?

  Yesterday, I wrote of the positive future that I saw for collective schemes, if they could rid themselves of the pernicious effects of financial economics. I based my arguments on my perceptions of the impact of mark to market … Continue reading

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Why insurance isn’t always right.

This is an article in preparation for publication; thoughts on it, especially from insurers would be very welcome. In it, I argue that insured solutions are not always right for us – in our retirement savings and that insurance companies … Continue reading

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How the blockchain revolution could transform financial services

The technology likely to have a significant impact on the financial services industry and the world of business has arrived. Not peer-to-peer lending, artificial intelligence, big data, robo-advisers or Apple Pay – but rather blockchain, the technology behind digital currencies … Continue reading

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