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We won’t reinvigorate workplace savings like this

This paper has the watermark of a Department, Government and Minister that has run out of steam. Time to reinvigorate the DWP. Continue reading

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More pensions nonsense from the “investment community”

  How have have the people who invest pension funds become so out of touch with the people who retire from them? This question occurred to me several times yesterday as I listened to a large numbers of charming and intelligent people … Continue reading

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Make NEST the dustbin of our pension dreams?

We all like the idea of having all our retirement funds in a big pot which we can manage efficiently and value easily. But not at any price! This link takes you to a version of Aegon’s submission to Government on “operation … Continue reading

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David Mowatt – spot on – the impending pension crisis

It sounds like tory MD David Mowatt from Warrington South, has been swotting up pensions with Steve Webb. He published this on his blog on Tuesday and followed it up in the House. Good on him. Read his article below; here … Continue reading

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Pensions crisis: one in 10 forced to delay retirement

Pummeting annuity rates and poor investment returns means thousands cannot afford to stop work.   One in 10 of those due to retire this year will delay taking their pension, as a combination of plummeting annuity rates and poor investment … Continue reading

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The NAPF point the finger at the £1bn annuity scandal

The picture shows the current view of member behaviours in DC and it’s been around long enough for us to feel reasonably confident that it works . The diagram promotes investment strategies that suit the needs of the three member … Continue reading

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Sorting the pensions of the “squeezed middle”.

There are three distinct streams among those old enough to work and young enough not to, Stream One is for  those who can look forward to retirement with a degree of confidence because their employer is guaranteeing it. They are primarily … Continue reading

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ABI and the OMO- guest blog by Alan Higham

ABI Consultation Paper on OMO Code of Conduct Posted on December 23, 2011 by Alan Higham The ABI has finally been pressed into taking some meaningful attempt to improve the outcomes people have at retirement. The ABI has a number … Continue reading

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Alan Higham’s open letter to Steve Webb

There is a simple solution worth trying to the persistent problem of people wasting billions of pension savings each year at retirement. Continue reading

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DWP – Do some Work for your Pensions.

Higham said it was a ‘disgrace’ and asked the DWP for an explanation but said he had not received a satisfactory answer. Continue reading

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