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Run on or buy-out – Hymans think outside the box

One of the wonders of the post Covid world has been the rise of the webinar and the sharing of IP by the pension fraternity. No consultant has done more in this space than Hymans Robinson and it is greatly … Continue reading

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Assessment of 2021 IGC reports – a boring read but an important one!

Despite the efforts of the FCA to make IGC reporting more relevant to ordinary savers, I found this crop of IGC reports were bland and unambitious in their reporting of VFM. No IGC suggested that  value for money was not … Continue reading

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Prudential’s IGC reports an omni shambles.

Prudential, once Britain’s premier insurer has produced its 7th IGC report, the second from former Mercer CEO Bruce Rigby. I suspect that Bruce had his fingers crossed that he would get away with his VFM assessment.   Overall, the IGC … Continue reading

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LGPS AVCs- how can Prudential get it this wrong?

  Shaun Tetley (pictured) who is chair of the CIPP’s Public Sector Specialist Interest Group and an AVC specialist,  has explained to me the problems the LGPS’ 90 pension funds are having with Prudential AVCs. Shaun and I have developed … Continue reading

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The Prudential’s IGC – put to the test.

I have enjoyed Laurence Churchill’s five reports for the Prudential IGC and I’ve enjoyed Bruce Rigby’s first one. My respect for the reports has been based on the IGC’s focus on what matters. The IGC’s current approach to VfM takes … Continue reading

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Prudential IGC reports a notable victory for savers.

2019/20 – a battle won Prudential’s is the last IGC to publish its Chair report this year and I suspect the report we get is rather different than the report planned earlier in the year. Chair Lawrence Churchill tells us … Continue reading

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Pension Plowman’s guide to 2020 IGC reports

This is a big year for IGCs. It is their fifth birthday, it’s the year when the FCA reviews their effectiveness and it’s the year of the pandemic, where providers and savers will be under maximum strain. Most of the … Continue reading

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Judge rules that people matter (shock)

What does that do to the buyout market? — andrew young (@glesgabrighton) August 19, 2019 Adrian is right, Andrew is barking up the wrong tree! The issue here is not “what does this mean for the bulk annuity market, but … Continue reading

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Do IGC’s improve our value for money?

This is the 7th and penultimate blog , addressing the Work & Pensions Select Committee’s questions on pension transparency. This time the exam question is Are Independent Governance Committees effective in driving value for money? My short answer is that … Continue reading

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IGC Class of 2018 – the results are in – this is how your Chair Report stacks up.

    So  here are my ratings for the principal IGC reports that I can find. There may be more reports skulking out there and I’ll be adding them if they get reported to me! As you can see, they … Continue reading

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